Should kids be told that Santa doesn't exist?

Asked by: roflmoqkz
  • Handwriting Problems and Other People

    Parents write their own handwriting on the labels, and when the kids find out, they are utmostly devastated and probably won't speak to their parents for a while, because it ruined them on the inside. It also doesn't help when other people tell you that Santa isn't real and you be rude in front of them.

  • Yes, Santa is just a distraction from the true meaning of Christmas.

    Most people celebrate Christmas to commemorate the day that Jesus was born. Christmas is supposed to be a time to get together with family and friends and be thankful that Jesus came into the world to save us, but instead kids are too busy preparing cookies and milk for their Christmas hero, Santa Claus. When kids wake up on Christmas morning, do they run upstairs to say "Merry Christmas" to their family or do they go straight to the Christmas tree to see what gifts Santa got them this year? Through all the chaos that parents go through to buy presents for their kids that say "From Santa", and all the time that’s spent making wish-lists for a man who doesn't even exist, the true meaning of Christmas is forgotten and is hidden under a blanket of lies and deceit. Instead of being a holiday of giving back, Christmas has turned into a holiday where children are egocentric and only think of receiving.

  • What's the point?

    Don't start with Santa in the first place. Seriously. Get your kid a gift on Christmas, and they thank you. You feel good, and you don't need to the whole cookies, and making sure that no one ruins the Santa thing for them. Finally, not getting them started on the Santa train in the first place means that you never have to deal with the "Sweetie, Santa isn't real" talk and resulting tantrum.

  • Yes, you should

    Because once they get older and find out that Santa doesn't exist, they'll know that their parents were lying to them and wonder what else their parents have lied to them about. If you tell your kids that Santa exists and you tell them about Jesus, how can they possibly believe the truth about Jesus when you have already lied to them about Santa?

  • I don't think I missed out by not believing in Santa.

    My parents never tried to fool me into believing Santa Claus was real. Christmas was still magical and wonderful (how can it not be if you are a kid?), and we had our own family traditions. I don't feel like I would have had more fun if I had believed in Santa.

    Also, parents should be careful about purposefully telling their kids things that are not true (Pretending and deceiving aren't the same). Even if it's just for fun, it can cause children to wonder as they get older if their parents are trustworthy. ("If my parents were lying to me about Santa, could they have been lying about...?")

  • You should never tell your child that Santa exsits

    Most children know that Santa is fake because around the age of 5 . You can also know your parents writing on the boxes. Also they get bullied if they belive in Santa. So don't tell your child that Santa exsits and you should just give the gifts normally. Christmas is not ol

  • You should ask them what they think.

    You shouldn't tell your kids that Santa isn't real, but should tell them what Santa is and ask them if they believe he is real and why. You don't want to lie to your kids about someone that isn't real. Plus, I don't want to give someone else the credit for giving kids their gifts.

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