• Yes they should

    For people against how do you know? Tech can help with homework and studying. Now if youre hating on technology well youre using it right now. Anyways, a study in Texas shows that kids who spent hours on technology had no Brain damage nor suffered from eye problems and had a easier time answering questions.

  • There is nothing bad about technology.

    In fact, it is a very amazing thing. Kids using tech all the time might be annoying on the surface, but it can actually provide paths to good careers. One of these paths goes like this: Gaming acts as a hook to get them into the technology world. Soon, they realize that the games they play are not perfect, contrary to what they thought before. They head over to forum sites to start suggesting their ideas. But they soon realize that none of their suggestions seem to be liked or accepted. They decide to take matters into their own hands. They look into computer programming to code their own game with the desired features. After getting into computer programming, they realize that they really like it. Their game is made and it sparks a career in computer programming. And all because they were playing on their phones all the time. There are many other career paths that being on tech provides, but this is the one I am currently on right now.

  • No they shouldn't

    For people with, how do know? Tech is the reason for plagiarism and kids are too dependent on it. Now if you're loving technology, well your ruining your eyes right now. Anyways, a study in Harvard University shows that kids who spent hours on technology ended up with depression and social problems and didn't us their brain to work things out themselves.

  • Not at all

    If kids use tech all the they could be very unhealthy, have bad headache, it will be hard to see, They will also not spend time with family, they may also soon become gamers and spend there whole life playing video games or view online stuff and when they become adults they could make there money by getting lots of hits on youtube channels with there videos about them playing video games

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Heh I love debating