Should kids between age of 10-14 have girlfriends/ boyfriends?

Asked by: Bobbyli1014
  • Who would stop them?

    Because this is a free country, if it's not expressly forbidden, it's okay.
    Seriously though, I had a girlfriend through the later half of seventh grade and all of eighth grade. She was smart, nice, and could probably rip me in half.
    Oh yeah, at the start of puberty, kids are going to want to explore, and it's either dating or *cough* unrealistic depictions thereof. *cough*

  • We are the new generation!!!

    The kids have the right to think about them self, and adults are just way too over pert active and according to the new test that show that kids can make really good decisions, some times even better than the adults do. Plus its is a really good when you can relay on someone outside of your family.

  • Yes, Let Them Have At It

    With parental supervision, a 10-14 year old can and possibly should have a bf/gf. I wouldn't ever suggest letting a 10-14 year old wander off on their own with their bf/gf, because, as acknowledged by the opposing side, that can cause problems. But with parental supervision, a relationship between two people in that age range is entirely possible.

  • Yes, we should have girl friends

    We. As 10-14 parents must know that our hormones are going in action, which means, THE FIRST KISS, or hug, or admission, or... Whatever.- Juan Diego Lopez. We do (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

  • Yes at that age they are capable

    I agree that a 4 or 5 years kid are unable to give consent because our human intelligent does not have enough knowledge to understand what's going on so they cannot comprehend or commit relationship.But let's say adolescent age 10-17 they experiment dating all the time so presumed that they can consent.

  • Let Them Be Them

    Why Not? Let them had some experience before the start really looking. They need some practice before they take it on for multiple years, (in a row) so they know what their doing. Sure, they might not get it right all the time, and that's where PARENTS come in. Give working advice to them, and tell them to try this to that out, but if that doesn't work, try to find the solution to that problem. By the way, this was made by a twelve-year-old. Look up dat_randum_guy on instagram for proof.

  • Yes they should

    Children should as there is not really any person to stop them. It is not illegal and children need to know what it is like. A child with no real experience of spending time with the opposite gender will find it hard when they get to an age where they will have a proper girl/boyfriend. It is very unlikely to get serious and by parents saying their children can't have a boy/girlfriend at 10-14 is just making your child avoid conversation with parents while they do have a boy/girlfriend. Honestly, children need the experience while they are still young

  • It's their choice

    Why should anyone decide for them? If they want to, and you tell them not to, guess the end result. They'll want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend even more! And then they'll think someone is so cool because they have a girlfriend/boyfriend. Even if you don't like it, how are you going to stop them? Lock them up all the time, send them to a military camp, constantly watch them? That will just alienate them. They may just be kids, but they aren't stupid, they just need the knowledge of what could happen, and you need to trust they will act well, because in the end you can't watch them forever, and if they don't learn to be smart early on, will they ever be?

  • The children probably aren't serious

    The children are young and are not going to take the relationship seriously, They will hang out but they won't go crazy, Kids are smarter than you give them credit for! They will hang out as friends, sure they might kiss once or twice, but they won't go all the way. This is why let the kids do what they want!

  • Yes they should

    Most parents don't trust their children to make safe and responsible decisions as a 10-14 year-old, but they can with the proper supervision. At some point, the child needs the experience of being with another person with the intention of loving that person. It's a healthy behavior that kids need to partake in.

    And why are 14-year-olds even i this question. They're either in high school or about to go into high school and they definitely need the experience of safely dating with their parental supervision.

  • No what question is this ?

    Children at that age is still very young,they do not have enough life experience to make a commitment of serious relationship.They don't even have an understanding of sex nature.Honestly,i do not understand the though of yes sides,but you don't have to wondering why teen mostly get pregnant or sexually abuse because of this reason.

  • Hmm let me think..NO

    Hell no! Kids that age do not have that cognatuve ability and without us having comprehensive sex ed kids are getting pregnant at 13. Its not like im scared all these kids will have sex or something most that age womt but emotionally it can really mess them up. Everyone i knew in elementary or early middle school whos parents let them "date" ended up in tears everyday due to relationship issues. Kids that age should focus on school and on just being a kid. I was still playing Yugioh at that age geez whats happening to the world. Just be a kid for a while no need to grow up so fast.

  • No,they shouldn't have

    From notice many young people(kids) like to break the age of consent law by having sex together at early age,then absolutely not right.We have age of consent not because for just a statue,but the main reason that he we have because to make sure that people at certain age are mature enough to take responsibility.

  • What is the point?

    Well, Im just going to tell everyone right now Im 13, im not going to pretend im older or an adult, because they wouldnt fret over these types of things. But whenever i start wnting to have a girlfriend, i always go to my dad and talk about it. He usually asks me why I like the girl, and then i start to think... Eveyone in middle school is a liar dude. If the girl i liked had the same personality as a different girl but looked different, i wouldnt like her. Also part of the reason people want a girlfriend is to fit in. But the big BIG BLAHBERGAHBEGOHBAHGEWAH BIG reason is whats the point? Why do you even want a girlfriend? Sure youll hang out with them for a while make out or something and after that then whats the point? Youre not going out with her because you love her and actually want to spend the rest of your life with her your going out with her because of your own pure selfishness. Because you just want to hold her, and kiss her, but thats it. Theres really nothing else to it. Because then it ends in a month or probably a week, and people say you can be friends but you simply just cant. If you like a girl then turn that into a friendship that can last a long time maybe forever and be good friends, not selfish hormonic teenagers.

  • No they shouldn't

    A child is a child ten to fourteen or not. Children should not be aloud to have boyfreinds and girlfriends until they reach I proper age which I think is 18. It's a fragile and sensitive age for children to have relatinships. It's also ridiculous too! I mean who knows would they think of doing you know what?!

  • It's not a right time to have any girlfriends or boyfriends.

    Children shouldn't have any boyfriends or girlfriends yet because it isn't a right time for them. Even though we are in the new generation that children could decide by them selves but it not a right things. Moreover, it is because children should studies more than concern and stay talking about the love. Studies should become the first things that you should stay and focused on. When the time that you and your boyfriends or girlfriends is break up, you will worries about the love stories. This is not the age that you should having a love. They didn't have a great responsibility to learn and take care of their love and they can't managing time well. It's not a right time because maybe in the future for many years, you will find the new girlfriends or boyfriends. So you shouldn't have any boyfriends or girlfriends because it isn't a right time for your self and everyone else.

  • Kids between 10-14 years old shouldn't have girlfriends or boyfriends.

    I strongly suggest that kids between 10-14 years old shouldn't have girlfriends or boyfriends because it's not suitable. Kids should spend time with their parent and their learning not love. So, when kids are changed to an adult they will understand what is love and they can maintain the relationship of love in longterm. Therefore, they don't need to find out love and love will appear in actual time.

  • They are too young

    So the kids too early to have boyfriend / girlfriend I think that was not able to do that. Because I think they can't even do any things. Could kids to watch movie with out adults or go to cafē? So I think they can have boy / girl friend when they are older

  • No girlfriend and boyfriend in this age yet.

    The kids should not have boyfriend and girlfriend because they are not to responsible enough in their age to have a relationship with your friend to someone. Age between 10 - 14 they turning to a teenage and sometime they might think something wrong if they have girlfriend and boyfriend. I don't think that age like this should not have girlfriend and boyfriend.

  • No,they are too young

    Guys these people are small children with lack of life experience and there brain aren't fully mature yet.I didn't say fallen in love with someone is wrong,but there should be an age limit,and childhood crush is obviously not okay.Whait until you become legally adults,then you can have sex/love with anyone.

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I did not understand most of the con arguments just because they lacked grammar