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  • I get bored easily.

    Kids should because some kids have a hard time so they could bring a stress ball with them. And if you like what i like, I like magic the card game. This is why i want to have toys in school because i get bored and i don't like it.

  • Yes we should

    I think that we should be able to bring them to school because we can play with them and if your comfortable than you will do you work so this is one reson why we should be let to bring stuffanimas to scool the end! Thank you! Bye bye

  • Yes of course!

    In school kids feel afraid for an important reason. If they have their stuffed animal beside them they will feel more confortable. It won't be a distraction if they are sitting on a table. They will be able to see them in class without distraction and not being able to focus.

  • Why can't kids bring toys to school?

    Why not? If a kid lost their toy, It's their fault. If a kid breaks their toy it's not fun, But then you know next time to show them not let them feel it. Also, When i was younger at show and tell we would show our toy and tell everyone about their special toy. I would be so sad if schools ever banned toys.

  • Yes they could

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  • I think kids can bring toys to school

    Kids can bring toys to school as long as it’s not a distraction to their learning toys like figet cube or figet spinners will stop figeting in class with things that is not the purpose Of the invention and during lunch, Free time, And other periods Kids won’t be as figety kids could bring their toys to school as long as it does not prevent them from learning

  • Toys should be banned from school.

    They should be banned in my opinion. Other people or the people that have the toy might get detracted. Which is bad because they might be detracted when the teacher of explained some thing very important. Then, The detracted one may be confused on what they are doing. Another reason is that their toy might be broken if someone brakes it. Then, The kid is going to go home with no toy and then the parents have to buy them another toy. Finally, Someone might steal your toy and not give it back. Then, The kid will have to get another one.

  • No they shouldn't.

    It takes time away from learning. They either could lose it or brake it.
    Although some people think it is okay, It is not okay. Your friend could steal it and you would probably lose it. Then, Your mom or dad would be upset. So, This is my opinion. What's your's?

  • Kids shouldn't bring toys to school.

    Kids shouldn't bring toys to school because they can be distracting. If they have something like slim and playing with it instead of listening, They won't know the lesson or don't know what to do. Also, If the toys get lost or messed up, Students may complain and disturb the class while they are learning.

  • No way yo!

    The toys will be lost or stolen and will make other kids feel bad that they don’t have the toy. My son’s friend had a toy and it broke and he put the blame on my son. This damaged their friendship and made them have a bad relationship. So there I

  • In most cases no

    No. Most students don't need to bring toys to school. They would cause too big of a distraction.

    The small, Exception would be a student with a documented disability such as Autism, Intellectual disability, Moderate to severe learning disabilities, Etc, That would need a certain toy, Sensory item during school hours that would be beneficial for them to have that particular item (for focusing, Etc) things such as size and such would be taken into account.

  • Lost or Stolen toys!

    I think that u should not because if some one like the toy u have then they can steal it. Or u can loose it and cry forever that is why u should not bring toys to school. Also it can get broken by u or the person u hates u. Another reason is teachers say that if they get something they keep it forever and that actually happens

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