• Because there are bullies

    Kids get bullied at school. But, if they had a weapon, the bullies will be less likely to bully him because he or she can now defend himself. People should not have to live in fear. They should be able to have a weapon to feel safe. Guns and the knives are the best way to even the tables between the bullied and the bully.

  • This is upsetting to read.

    Kids should not be allowed weapons at school. That is how the shootings happen, how so much more damage happens. Bullies, I understand, are a problem, but violence is never the answer. If you were to threaten to harm someone, the student would be considered a bully. Just think if that student took action. Something on the permanent record, and so many opportunities could go out the window.

  • School is not a place for weaponry.

    I simply fail to understand how one could feel safe in school with the knowledge that anyone else could have a dangerous weapon.
    Kids don't have the responsibility to handle things like guns or knives safely, and oh dear lord if a known bully comes into school with a gun. It's meant to be a place for safe learning, not a war zone, and if none of the kids are armed, it makes everyone feel safer, and the teachers can deal with the problem children without fear of being shot or stabbed in retaliation or from them lashing out.
    'Kids are cruel, Jack.' Sundowner, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

  • Because there might hurt someone

    Someone might get hurt the kids might get shot or stab to death because they might be bullies none should bring weapons to school because the might kill other people but the shouldn't at all this parents should check there kids bags at all times to make sure kids don't bring a weapon to school

  • Deadly weapons are so Dangerous.

    For me, if the kids are being bullied, they must rather report to the guidance instead of bringing deadly weapons, the kids would become killer someday if they grow up ,the parents should nurture their children and teach them the right way of living ,

    the problem really is , they don't allow God in the school, they don't even discuss about religions , they don't let God rule over them

    Just read the Bible and learn how to live right in order to please God,

  • Because they are dangerous

    If kids bring guns to school they will kill others. And who wants to be killed? I think they shouldn't because it si dangerous for people to bring guns to school which can result to death of others or harm to people or the school. So my answer is a no.

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