• If they feel threatened, why not

    If a kid is scared enough to even consider bringing a knife to school there is most likely an issue with that. But some kids, because of past experiences, feel like that's the only way to feel safe. Honestly, it's a free country and illegal to kill people. If they kill someone, what are you gonna do. They most likely only did it because no one would stand up for them.

  • Only for defence

    My only problem with this is that kids can't defend themselves from a shooter. Sure there will be problems, but safety measures would be taken. Though a gun will always beat the knife, it's still a step up from sitting in a corner, out of sight. I admit that this is a stretch, but it could work.

  • Folding Knives only

    I Think kids should be abe to bring folding pocket knives to school I think the length of the blade shouldn't exceed 2 inches is also depends on the way the child carries or uses it if he pulls out a knife like a bowie knife that may be a little more threatening than a small folding knife

  • No, this is so dangerous.

    No they should not have knives or any other weapon at school. What is sad is that after reading Support_me's post I had to think about it for a minute. If Support_me feels this way there must be a reason. Schools are for learning, not fighting. It just shows that parents and communities are not doing enough to keep our children safe at school. We can't ask the teachers to do it or the administrators to do it, it is our kids doing it. They just get left with the fallout. I will say, when you are not in school if you need to defend yourself then do it anyway you can. When I went to school this was almost never a problem but the world has changed somewhat. Boys would have fistfights, once in awhile the girls would too but nobody got shot or stabbed while in school.

  • Why would somebody need a knife at school?

    Seriously though, can anybody think of a good reason, because I'm afraid I can't. Schools are supposed to be safe places, so why would kids have to carry knives to school? There would probably be that one kid who gets mad at somebody one day and stabs them. Who needs that?

  • Kids should not be allowed to carry knives in school.

    Kids should not be allowed to carry around knives in school because if every kid was allowed to carry knives in school alot of kids will get hurt because a lot of kids these days get into fights these days and a kid always ends up getting hurt so if one of the kids have a knife, they can acciedently stab someone.

  • Hypocritical But Necessary

    It's hypocritical of me to say no as I carry a knife when I go to school. But I realize that majority of high school students aren't mature enough to carry a knife. In my school its likely if we were allowed to carry knives people would pull them in fights. Then there would just be students knifing each other rather than an attacker entering the school. High school students will fight. And if they have a weapon they will use it.

  • No need for it

    Knives are very dangerous objects; that's something everyone should be agreeing with. Having such dangerous objects that can easily be used as weapons (they are weapons themselves after all) in a place full of children is not a good idea.

    In a way knives are even more dangerous than guns when it comes to accidents, since guns have many safety measures such as trigger-locking devices which when used properly reduce the chances of accidents by a large number, whereas for knives all you have is the sheath, which makes it extremely dangerous for kids since it is very easy to pull a knife out of a sheath. On the other hand, it is much harder to load a gun, unlock the trigger and safety catch, etc.

    While some people believe that this is a form of self defense, I believe otherwise. Knives have many limitations, such as range and speed. The usefulness of a knife is very much limited by the skill of its user. Thus, knives are not the most ideal self defense items to be carried around in schools, since kids do not have the necessary skills to use them and will probably end up hurting themselves or other children rather than protecting themselves.

  • There are too many limitations.

    Although a knife would help a little against a shooter it would not be enough. The shooters could change their strategy knowing that many of the students are armed with hand weapons. Not only that but the number of students killed or injured because of accidents or stupidity would outweigh the number of students saved during a shooting by the inclusion of knives.

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