Should kids carry their phones with them in school?

  • Yes here's why

    I mean if some one was in the school kids should tell there parents really i mean also kids can talk to there parents sub to popcorndude4301 on youtube d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d

  • For emergencies yes

    What if an student need his parents for something? How is he going to communicate? Some parents don't answer unknown numbers. Students should clearly be allowed to carry it. Insteated of making a sale of comouters,mstudents can investigate from their own phones, so yes! Students should carry their phones to school

  • Students should be able to have phones on them but can only use them at certain times...

    Basically the reason I do not support having phones in lockers or in book bags is because it waste time during the day to get them and put them back plus if something were to go wrong at the school 911 could be called by basically any student with a phone. Basically students should be allowed to carry them at all times mainly for safety and convenience reasons.

  • I think they should...

    Personally, the problem in schools with phones is that they are always getting stolen.
    Well, for me that has never happened (I don't know if it was because I had a rubbish phone anyway!) or because kids nowadays are always showing off their new iPhone5.
    Nevertheless, it is essential, especially for girls as you never know who hangs around after school also, it is important if you are staying after school, you have a detention etc. Just think about it, no phone to contact your parents, would be a pretty big hassle for them!
    The other problem people have is if their phone breaks at school, well...It's the kid's fault.

  • Distraction but can be used during free time

    Phones are simply made for contacting someone. Students shouldn't be on their phone though because their in school for a reason to learn not socialize. It's a distraction and it takes up learning time. Although students could use them during free periods and in between classes. They should not be used when class is in session.

  • Not on them, but in their lockers.

    Cell phones can cause a lot of distractions. Whether it be the kids distracting themselves, or distracting their friends, cell phones can hinder the learning environment. However, sometimes a cell phone is necessary. Important calls can be missed, important calls can be made. That is why students should be able to have their phones in their lockers. But while in class, I don't believe the phones should be on them.

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