• Definitely, what an awesome idea.

    I mean what year are we in. 1000 BC? This is a modern era. Kids should date, experience what adults get to experience. They should be left to roam free. Heck, why stop at letting them date. Let them have sex. Have kids if possible. I mean having a baby when you are 12 is such good family planning. By the time your kid have their own kids. You will only be in your 30s.

  • Hell yeah they should.

    They should be able so they can have a good experience for when they grow up so they wont be scared of the other sex. Another reason is that they can get better social skills with people. Finally they will be more likely to be happy and they might even experience a break up.

  • Are kids really that dumb?

    Most of the opposing idiots seem to consist of "middle-schooler dating is stupid", "Kids in High school are just not ready to face the truth " and "this is not the right time for them", or succinctly "Kids are dumb therefore they shouldn't date".

    I feel that it is no ones place to say what relationship two (or how ever many) consenting peoples may have (while abiding to local laws), that is there personal choice?
    And even so is this not the time when we learn from all our mistakes? How many of us that are in adult relationships would be nearly as able to maintain those relationships if we hadn't learnt how to act and maintain relationships when we were younger?

  • Yes, they should.

    Normally, I'd say no and my reason would be that it is pointless and usually leads to one or both kids involved hurt.
    But we live in a society where the majority tend to never listen to others when given advice and end up having to learn by making the mistakes themselves. I believe this is a good stepping stone in developing the understanding required to grasp the full ramifications of entering the sphere of dating.
    So ultimately, I'd say yes go for it. Just be prepared to combat some tears when it inevitably fails. The best time for dating seriously is post-high-school or even post-college if you really wish to focus on your studies and securing a career before investing time in a love life.

  • Kids should not date.

    I do not think kids should date during their school years,because this is not the right time for them.

    For an instance, recently there was a murder in Chine: a university student has been stabbed by her boyfriend with knife and it was all because the girl tended to break up with him. I believe there were many incidents like that whether more or less serious. Kids are too young for having a girl or boy friends, because sometimes they could not deal their relationship appropriately and maturely.

    By the way, most of the kids do not know how to make the right decision, they are easily to be attracted by new things that might be harm and they do not aware, namely like drug and cigarette.
    As the result kids might be affected by them forever.

    The most important thing for kids should be their school work instead of wasting time on dating. So through this reasons, kids are better to date after they finish university when they grow old enough and could consider things maturely.

  • Not ready to be hurt

    Kids in High school are just not ready to face the truth that the will be broken after a relationship. A lot of times a date can bring you to more serious situation and this will finally brig them to heartbreak. They can not deal easily with this. Icecream can't fix everyhting

  • Well, it depends on how old

    They are, a middle-schooler dating is stupid because you just say you are dating, you cant drive a car to go anywhere. It also makes more drama and can take away opportunities like advancing in grades, due to the fact that the drama of "dating" is always on mind. . .

  • There is no need

    Kids have plenty of time to develop relationships when they are 18. Being and kid and a teen is a time to develop social skills on a larger scale not a time to date.

    It's not safe, and kids can get carried away and not protect themselves. This is how we wind up with so many pregnant teens.

  • Honestly it Depends

    It depends on the age of the child and maturity of the child. If the child is older and more mature lets say 16 year old then yes why not let them date. If the child um 13 year old and still immature not really responsible than no. More mature more responsible.

  • Not seriously at least

    I'm currently in high school and most relationships I see are a result of kids wanting to be like adults. Kids and teens constantly feel the need to be equal to adults and will honestly date someone for the sake of dating someone. I have never dated anyone and don't plan on doing it till I find someone who I think is right for me, not because their hot or popular or any of that jazz. Kids and teens lack the understanding that unless you feel like your girlfriend is someone you enjoy spending time around and wouldn't go anywhere without, then the relationship is most likely never going to work out. I'm not saying they can't date, I'm saying it won't work except in very rare cases.

  • I don't think so.

    I say no because when they are young there aren't very many things to do. Things that they can do is sit together at lunch, pair up for work, and dances. That's not much there is so much if you wait till later when you can drive to go any where with hopefully more money

  • Uh heck no if you are a teen most likely not....Here are the reasons why

    Students at this time should be focusing in education not dating. What they chose now will influence their future. Dating is not that important but your life in the future is so children focus on learning and not that hot guy or girl u have a crush on. XD plus you have plenty of time to date in the near future. So you can have total freedom after you turn like 25 or something because that is when your brain is fully developed....

  • Well, perhaps maybe.

    To begin, I want to address one of the people on the pro sides' argument. They said that we should not only allow them to date, we should also let them have kids of their own. That is quite an absurd proposition!
    Kids cannot even take care of themselves, they will surely not be able to take care of someone else. Currently, kids need the help of their parents and other adults, so they would not be able to take care of a child of their own. They can't even take care of themselves!
    Thus, child dating could be possible, but dating before highschool is just unnecessary and should not really be encouraged.

  • It is just plain stupid.

    Many adults struggle in their relationships. Kids will just do much worse. Why would have a partner when you haven't even finished puberty?!? Maturing needs to take place. Most kids can't even bathe regularly and keep their rooms neat. Ho do you expect them to keep a relationship!?!?
    I am not opposed to GROUP dating, but that should be saved until at least sixteen.

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bubbatheclown says2014-03-12T13:15:34.797
Define kid.
BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T11:59:12.503
I say get through school first