• Why kids should date

    I believe that dating at a young age could help you in further relationships .Because honestly dating at a young age is not really dating you might hold hands and hug and stuff but you cant really go out on dates .However i say yes because its not really dating and i will just prepare you for the ''real'' relationships to come .

  • Take it from personal experience.

    Trust me, In 4th grade, I entered my first relationship. It was great. We met each other's parnts, Went on dates, And even scored a few make-out sections. As a 7th grader when everyone in my school's finally seemingly caught up, It's really not that different. I've got a new girlfriend, And I'm planning on revealing my feelings soon, So trust me: the results, Regardless of age, Are worth it. Unless there's a big age difference and one or more people involved are kids, That's a problem.

  • Yes we should be able to.

    So look. I am in 8th Grade. You see people holding hands in the hallways all the time. You can say that we are too young or not mature enough, but it is inevitable, we are going to date anyway, so there is no point in saying no to it. I say this because in middle school these feelings pop up outta no where. It's inevitable.

  • What I think

    To hell with maturity and all that rubbish - if you want to separate a pair of people who genuinely loved and cared for each other, then, my friend, you have a heart of stone. No one is entitled to the right to tell a child that they only date (I.E. Love someone) at a certain age nor can they split up a couple unless one is being manipulated by the other.

  • I think “liking” someone is ok because you can get to know the person longer, and build a firm relationship with them.

    Also dating also has a bad side to it because it can lead to physical relations which is bad but like I said liking them and having a crush is fine but if they start treating you like trash you know there not for you so stop plz help yourself

  • Kids should be able to date

    I think that young kids should be able to date because young love is beautiful. Its not like they are going to kiss or make out so it is not that bad.
    So i say yes they should be able to date if they want to our please to. Thank you.

  • Kids should Date

    I think that kids should be able to date. Even thought they are young they may want the experience to see what it is like. I think the youngest age to date in 12 years old. The kids would not ever think to do any thing physical but the most they may do is hug and hold hands. I also would suggest that the parents keep track of text messages they send back and forth. The parents should also make rules about dating.

  • I think kids should be able to date at a young age

    I think kids should be allowed to date at a young age because it helps with further relationships. It will also help with social skills and what to look out for in further relationships. Dating at a young age can also boost kids confidence level and help them be more confident around guys/girls they like. Dating also may cause hurt in a break up or a disagreement but you learn from everything. And as you learn you grow.

  • YES you can

    I believe this is because you have to experience on your own and be who you want to be. You should chose if you want to date if you want. There is no harm of dating at all. You should be able to have an relationship because it is your life and no one should control but you.

  • Dating is fun!

    Why should teens not be dating? The counterargument is that we (i am in 6th grade) are not mature enough, and dating is meant to be so you can find your "soulmate." Who cares? I mean, yeah, the odds are extremely slim that you will wind up getting married, but does it really matter? Teenage dating is like having a regular friend of the opposite gender. First off, it's not like we're going to kiss. Second, for us, the idea of a date is like biking to the local ice cream shop! It's not like we're gonna spend a gazillion bucks on some pricey low lit restaurant with a one hour wait and tiny ass portions. Lastly, it can help us learn about future life.

  • Kids should not be dating at a young age.

    Dating at a young age means that people will not be mature enough to make the right decision. That means that people will be more prone to accidentally meet a person who is interested with the physical features not her personality. We need to mature a little for our safety.

  • Kids shouldnt be dating

    The only thing this will do is cause more perverts in the world. Some people in my school are already dating and I hate it when they cant come over because they are with their so called girlfriend. I just think it is stupid that KIDS would rather spend time with a girl then a life long friend.

  • Dating shouldn't occur until one reaches an adult age

    One thing that people, especially today's people, do while dating is to have sex extensively and almost constantly. This will create a strong probability of pregnancy occurring. Though I disagree that premarital sex should occur in the first place, if they are to have premarital sex they might as well use condoms and other contraceptive measures. Most young people cannot be trusted to do this, and I do not consider abortion to be a viable option in any scenario where pregnancy may occur except perhaps when the mother's life is endangered. Our society doesn't need tons of kids being added to the foster care system, and making this an easy option will probably incentivize unsafe sex. Only those who are capable of raising any child that may result from their lovemaking (that is, people who have jobs and are fairly financially stable) should be granted the PRIVILEGE of sex.

  • No, they shouldn't

    Oh you the- what group of people think it is OK for kids to date? Anyway, they shouldn't, that simple, let me guess, next you are going to say that people of the same gender should be allowed to date- uh, oh, that's right, well they shouldn't, and I mean this plural y, kids should not be able to date, and people should not be able to date people of the same gender.

  • No, its lame.

    I am in middle school, not an adult, and I still think u shouldn't date. Not cuz im a "goodie goodie," or because no one has asked me out yet, its that it has NO PURPOSE.

    Boyfriend and girlfriend is practically just a name in middle school. A title. You don't actually love or "like" them enough to date them, u just think its cool....

    Tell me...Then what is the point of dating in the first place?? To spare someone's feelings? Or just cuz its "cool" in school??

  • Young "children" should not date!

    Older teens at, the age of the youngest 13 should be dating. Like going out on dates, holding hands and making out. Young children should not 12 year olds. "Young age" is very broad, teens should be aloud to date but the people who are classified as a child should not be.

  • I literally don’t even need to say anything to support this side


  • When you are young, the maturity level is not there to engage in a relationship.

    If we allow our children to be so preoccupied with who they are "dating" or who is "cheating" , while they are young it takes away from the things they should be focused on. Their main focus should be school and learning. They are not mentally mature enough to handle what is involved in "dating". If you would like your children to have more interactions, then group "dates" or outings with kids that is chaperoned is more effective. And anyone that thinks kids anywhere around the age of 12 that are in school and don't understand or aren't curious about physical relationships, is in for a rude awakening. Children know much more than we want to think they do. This is just my opinion:) I know everyone has one and is entitled to raise their children the way they see fit.

  • Obviously no. Why?

    You cannot take him/her anywhere. You don't have the money. (Duh, have you been sleeping under a rock? Money is power, obviously). You might get your "girlfriend" pregnant. You're part of the 99.9% of idiotic kids at school who thinks having a girlfriend makes you superior than other kids. You're a complete joke, this is a serious manner. You're simply not ready to face TRUE relationships. Yet.

  • There is no point in doing it

    High school dating is a complete joke. Chances are you'll never actually keep the relationship. There is a bunch of useless drama. It's distarcting to your life too. You could be getting high ass grades at school but nope, instead you wanted to look cool in social standings. There is barely a sincere relationship in dating in highschool. Date when your mature and ready to take things seriously.

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