• I think kids should be ALLOWED to date

    Well all my life my parents told me that you can't date anyone until u turn, like 18. But I still remember when I turned 11, I would day dream about my first kiss and stuff, if I could hold there hand and walk around together; but sometimes I felt embarrassed to even think about it. If I ever did something like that I would get teased forever,so that's why I never did. I am a girl, so all my friends would talk about their crushes while I wasn't even allowed to think of having one. So I think that they should be allowed, and that people should not judge them by THAT either.

  • Yes, as long as they want too and are in their teens (with some younger exceptions)

    Studies have shown that dating while younger can make it easier to form lasting relationships in college/ life after high school because people already have dating experience. That said, people should not feel pressure to date. Of course, relationships should be very different depending on age, and friendships should be emphasized.

  • In my personal experience..

    Usually really young children do not even consider dating, yet they do believe in love. Yet, in kindergarden, I loved love, I didnt want it, but I believed it, when at the time, no one else really did.
    But teenagers, or ages like 11 and up, and maybe even ten, yes they should date. Although around age 10-11 they don't even want to. But, stop treating kids like property, like woman were considered property back then. Let them be, but watch them carefully. If their age ranges from 12-13 or maybe even fourteen, thats normal, 15 and up, its even more normal. If you don't let them date, they will do it anyway. That doesn't MEAN they will have sex, don't just assume it. But, once they start dating, give them the sex talk.

  • Yes kids should be able to date at a young age.

    I think that kids should be able to date at a young age for experience and so that they wont look dumb in the future when the time comes when most people start liking each other and dating comes in the picture. Also the kids can learn many things about it such as responsibility and what means the most to them. Also they can figure out by having past dating by who is the right one and who is the wrong one by what they like and what they dislike. So this is why i think kids should date at a young age.

  • They Are In Love!

    If they like each other let them date maybe something great will come out of it and maybe something not s great but the kid needs to learn not everything will last forever. So many people I know have had broken hearts because they thought it would last forever .

  • Should Kids Be Able To Date At A Young Age?

    Yes kids should be able to date at a young age. Kids are going to like people and you cant stop them from that. Its very cute at a young age and its very cute at a older age too. Love is to powerful to stop! Besides kids are going to find out what dating is some time in life so whats wrong with them dating at a young age. All in all I think dating can be allowed at a young age!!

  • When is a good time to date?

    I say that it is very cute when little kids like each other. Some little kids might be getting abused at home, so they need to fell some type of love. Besides little kids won't do sexual things unless they seen somebody do it, or they are shown. Little kids will love to have somebody right by there side. So in conclusion should kids date at a young age I say YES!!!!!!

  • NO i d

    I dont think they shou;d cause its bad - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- -

  • Kids should be able to date at a young age

    I mean it's right for kids to date at a right age. It's the choice they make. It makes them happy being with the people they love nothing can ever beat that. Love can range to any age there's no barriers that block people to love if love begins when you're a child then let it pass through it's normal

    Posted by: AC4
  • Kids should not date at a young age

    Relationships are great. Life revolves around relationships, but romantic ones should be reserved for a kid's future. They should be learning the basis to good relationships through just having friends first. They are still discovering themselves-- which involves rejection and acceptance. Kids, and even some young adults, are not mature enough to handle that stress of a special someone that they have been giving their affection to rejecting them. People can still ease into the dating scene at an older age. (plus, people spend the majority of their life in a partnership, so cherish the short time you have to be single)

  • No, kids are already dating too young.

    Every year, kids seem to date at much younger ages. They are also developing more quickly, reaching puberty faster and advancing sexually much too quickly. Instead, group events and friendships should be emphasized instead of dating. Boyfriends and girlfriends should be supported, but with limitations, with a stronger focus on getting to know each other before becoming intimate.

  • Kids should not date when they are young.

    There is no reason for kids to date at such a young age, they are not mature enough to realize what they are doing. Dating young is such a pointless task because you shouldnt have the need to seek a companion but should rather just be hanging out with friends and getting to know people. They also do not know enough about themselves to be dating someone.

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