• Of course they should!

    Because if kids don't stand and fight against bullies, all they would get will be a big punch. Kids need to fight against to bad kids, and if you don't, they will think they're having fun, so they will punch harder. So, what kids need to do is just to punch back until they punch. PS: I'm a kid and I punched back and they never touched me again...

  • Why kids should defend themselves

    Kids need some technique to defend themselves. Kids these days are ruthless not caring about other kids or there feelings. Some bullies don’t want to ‘talk it out’, and rather resort to violence. The kid with better knowledge of how to defend them self is going to stand a much better chance then the kid who doesn’t. On top of this, kids how learn self defense also learn discipline and have a better self esteem. They are also more confident about there abilities, making them feel safer. Furthermore, they can also protect other innocent children from being bullied too. This is why kids should learn how to defend themselves if a situation like this one every comes up.

  • Yes, yes, and yes

    Because if we don't bullies are gonna build a wall, its gonna be a big wall, and no one can get in through the wall so stop bulling . Stop bulling to save the people so we wont have to build a wall. Tbh I'm just writing this case you have to have a certain number of words

  • Yes I believe that we as teenagers and little ones.

    Why? Because, it will not "STOP" if we stand up and break the silence to protect our-self. Bullies pick on us for the problem they going thorough in their household like parents fighting, some in the family got layed off. And it can be also that their parents don't care for them like the victims family do that theirs don't. But really y'all as adults should be their stopping the bullying in school as well as on the internet messages website. That go for y'all teachers as well some of y'all teacher in schools think that its not a problem that the bullies are picking on the victims as the students that are afraid of them.

  • If you were the victim, it shows you can overcome him

    Say you were the victim. You are in a hallway alone and there is nobody but you and the bully. What are you going to do? There is nobody around, so to get away, you got to get back somehow. And to get back, defense is the answer because the bully will be scared of you and never get you again.

  • Children always needs to defend themselves.

    A child can't just let themselves get beat up. Saying "stop" will not help. Walking away will not help either. It only show your bully that your a weak and vulnerable target. Every should have the right to defend themselves and show the bully in physical contact that its disrespectful to hit ,kick, or grab the victim.

  • Of course so.

    Because if we don't stand up to bullies it will be more reports if kids/teens killing their selves because they are tired of getting bullied. But kids or teens are not the only ones getting bullied and if you see someone getting bullied you should go tell and adult you trust or go tell a consular don't just stand there having your phone out taking a video.

  • Human defends himself a slave takes the strike of the whip

    As a child myself I personally think that kids should have the right to defend themselves from bullies because, we won't learn how to handle and protect ourselves as adults. Just think about it, in the future you're 20 years old or older. Some guy that has a nasty opinion about you and decides to fight. Now would you really lack this much common sense not to defend yourself and let this guy give you a beating that you don't even deserve in the first place. It's honestly really like slavery in school. You can't defend yourself and speak up all just because our age.

  • Kids' deserve the right to protect themselves

    As many have said, a victim should not be expected to take whatever a bully wants to dish out for fear of being punished. If a person is physically attacked, their wellbeing is threatened and they have the right to try to prevent further attacks. My son 11 year old was hit by 3 kids "playing a slap game." He raised his hands to try to fend off the third slap. The principal said that since he retaliated, if we pursued punishment for the 3 kids that took turns slapping him, he too, would be suspended. Ridiculous!

  • They should defend themselves

    In High School I was told that not even being cornered or threatened justified hitting back. Well then, if I am in a spot where a bully goes forth as holding a weapon towards me, and I am cornered by the bullies with no way out, I am supposed to allow them to hurt or even kill me? Then what am I going to do? I have one life and I can't lose it. I have to defend myself.

  • Kids should not defend themselves

    They cant solve it alone. They need help. We cannot simply rely on our own young generation to be expective to solve bully problems alone. Kids should not stand up to bullies before building an army of supporters who advice him, what to do, how to it and why to do it. David Pelka, in contrary was bullied by his parents, and remained needlessly bowled over, and conquered alone. There was nothing the kid could do. This makes us responsible for defending bullies in most circumstances.

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