Should kids do school all week days long every year, having to stay at school for 5 hours more or having more months added?

Asked by: DragonInvader
  • We should have school on five days of the week

    We need to have education so that t we can become smart and get a good job. You will also learn more if you have school for five days of the week instead of having it less than five day of the week. You will also need to attend school on holidays if your teacher have not finished teaching the syllabus.

  • School is stressful enough for many kids as it is.

    With the all the time already spent in school, homework and extracurricular activities, many students find school to be stressful. Adding more days will not help these kids cases. Along with this, many kids have to work to help support their families. In my school we have about a third of the kids who receive free lunch due to their incomes being so low. My school isn't even considered to be in a poor area. So no. I do not believe school should be longer. People need at least some time to themselves and many high school students need to help out with their families. Taking this free time away would just lower grades.

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