• Let 'em do what they want

    If they're not hurting or intending on hurting anyone including themselves, Why stop them? Let their imagination run wild! Even if it's a bit morbid. I drew extremely bloody and gory stuff at the age of 7 and still do sometimes, I'm glad my mother always approved of what I drew and encouraged me as long as I was happy doing it.

  • Good for variety

    It can really expand a person's artistic view and can help with progression. In general there's really no reason to stop them, If it's from the kid's mind it could be a way to expel scary thoughts or distress, It could possibly be a way to vent. In the occasion that a younger child sees it isn't really going to matter, The child might get scared for a time but it's only a drawing and adults and older siblings will understand that and help them get over an irrational fear. In general it's more of an advancement than a nightmare yall are lame.

  • So what dude?

    If a kid wants to draw horror art good for him! What if he grows up and can make an honest living off of selling his amazing art? I don't think something scary is going to make someone commit suicide? That's is not logical and if someone wants to express themselves by drawing scary art? That's awesome.

  • Uh, Hello world?

    Kids, Or anyone, Should be able to draw whatever they want. Period. My kids are allowed to draw whatever they want because they are just expressing their feelings. I'm an artist and I occasionally draw horror art because otherwise all my feelings are bottled up. End of argument. Boom Haters.

  • Think about siblings.

    Boom, Kid's made it, Great. What if a younger sibling sees it, They could be traumatized (now I'm going to take it to extremes) say that sibling commits suicide, Then the kid commits suicide, Then everything is destroyed, If your gonna draw horror art, Keep it away from innocent and young people.

  • It gives kids nightmare

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