• To much sugar

    This is really bad for children and if they eat to much of it they could get diabetes and parents would get really worried that their child may die. Also if they eat lots of things with sugar it can lead to them getting really sick and their eye sight could be lost

  • They can not eat junk food because it is unhealty

    I should say no if my freind wants to eat junk food like hambergurs,or pizza.Because it is unhealty to our body and makes your bones weak so I want to say that junk food is very bad to our body,why?Because it makes you unhealty!You can be weak and have a terrible disease!

  • Of courose no

    Children could gain a lot of weight and we can not stop them.I think children should eat more fruits and
    more healthy food that can help children stay healthy just like i said that we should lose weight then gain weight.People now a day eat to much junk food. Ok !

  • Kids can be allowed junk food, but put up barriers to avoid binges

    Because some kids don't have the ability to stop , and are highly influenced by peer pressure, putting up barriers to eating habits is a good idea. I think junk food is a good outlet for kids and teens to spend time with their friends, but it can get overdone and lead to obesity.

  • No, it is empty calories.

    No, kids should not eat a lot of junk food, because junk food has little nutritional value. Kids who eat a lot of junk food are not hungry for the healthy food that their body really needs. A body is like a car. What kind of fuel you put into it determines what kind of performance you're going to get.

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Adam2 says2013-12-16T21:02:43.803
McDonald's sucks!
Adam2 says2013-12-16T21:03:17.410
Why did you have to choose that pic?