Should kids eat candy every day, while the other kids around the world work in cocoa bean farms?

Asked by: mdgawesome
  • Boycotting would be a better idea.

    Sure you got starving children in Norway and Denmark making our chocolates, but is banning chocolate made by child labor gonna solve anything? That's big government intervention. The best way to solve the problem is to boycott the companies who candies are made by child labor, not to ban them altogether.

  • The Free Market Will Solve This

    As technology advances to deal with bigger batches of cocoa picked by slaves, eventually machines will be developed powerful enough to pick all the cocoa themselves. In a way, we are doing the child in Africa a favour by eating as much of the fruits of their labour as possible.

  • Kids should not stop eating candy

    Understanding the fact that kids are enslaved in cocoa bean farms around the world, the house needs to recognize the following facts:
    1) Its inhumane to not allow kids to eat candy, considering the fact that its a vital part of their childhood.
    2) Not allowing kids to eat candy will just make owners shift these working kids from cocoa bean farms to other places where they will be enslaved.
    Thus, instead of robbing kids of a vital part of their childhood we should look to enforcing stricter rules to make sure that kids are not enslaved.

  • That's the whole point.

    These kids work in the cocoa bean farms for a living. If we encourage children to not eat candy, the farms will lose purpose and yet again the kids will have to struggle for survival. That's like saying its cruel to eat food when there are hungry people on earth.

  • It is so unfair.

    Around the World there are many things happening in some places kids eat chocolate but some other places kids work to make chocolate. Even kids work they don't get paid or have the chocolate they help making sometimes kids even get kidnapped to work. Now if you say "Yes" to this debate what kind of human are you. I mean how would you feel when you were working 24/7 without brake and being slaves. Huh?

  • Kids should not eat candy every day.

    Kids should not eat candy every day because it is bad for their health. Kids should have a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables. Eating too much candy can make someone fat and it can give them dental cavities. Kids should only eat candy on special occasions, and they should get exercise when they do.

  • I think you all are missing the big point

    No matter what your stance on child enslavement may be, we can all agree that kids shouldnt eat candy every day purely because of health issues..... The question doesnt even bring up child enslavement either, because this may be a shocker, but some kids work in cocoa bean farms because the farms are owned by their families and farm families all work on the farms..... But my main objection is that kids shouldnt eat candy every day because it would just completely f*** up their health later on

  • You make it sound like its the first kids fault!

    Its not their fault that the kids on the other side of the world work in those farms. Yet the title puts it in such a biased tone that your basically that it outs the message that the kid eating the candy is why the other kids are being practically enslaved to make the candy, do you freaking think they even know yet that major companies like Nestlé used to (and probably may still) smuggle coco from child labour farms!
    Its not there freaking fault! Go on Google an research "Nestle slave labour"/

    And besides its not like they eat candy every day. Well I didn't when I was a kid.

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