• Kids should eat healthy.

    Yes kids should eat healthy because later in life if they choose not to it can leave to sudden pain and can also lead to cancer. Parents should be better role models because a kid is not just born not liking healthy foods, it's the way parents choose their food wise, like potato chips or candy. I say that because the will sit in front of their kids and eat a bag of potato chips. That makes the kid want to do the same thing, which leads to unhealthy habits.

  • Should kids eat healthier?

    Yes and I believe that more kids will have to deal with obesity if they don’t eat healthy. Also, if kids do not eat healthy now, they could have bigger health problems as adults. Parents should help their kids eat healthier by buying healthier choices. Instead of that box of cookies, buy that bag of apples. Parents need to act as a role model for their kids. If a child sees their parent eating a bag of chips, a child will think that’s what they need to do too. But if a child sees their parent eating an apple or salad, they will affect their child's choice.

  • It is healthier

    Cause it is helthier because you could be more active and not that lazy all the time like other people are. It could make you happier and have a happy healthy life and it is ok to be athletic and exited like a lo of people that eat healthy .

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  • Healthy is awesome

    Eating healthy can lower the chances of all the types of cancer did you know that?Healthy is awesome you could become more athletic yeah that's right more athletic that means probably more famous sport players.Yeah people don't like eating healthy but there are tons of great healthy food out there-brooklyn

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