• Nerds are very bad because it is really good

    Rreally good and very good and very good and very good if you want to die like a awesome man very good for hea;th and makes your heARTSTOP WITHIN a few seconds too good honestly i want to die from eating nerd if you want your child to die is the best way

  • Nerds are yummy

    Technically a nerd is just sugar and dye so what's the difference in it between sugar and anything else it's just sugar so it doesn't really matter you can eat it there's no big difference and if parents let you have sugar they should allow you to eat nerds. Nerds are delicious

  • Yes, i love nerds. They should eat them. It is ok for them to have them.

    Yep, These candies are safe for them to enjoy and snack on. Well adults can have them too. I've told my kids to brush their teeth after, but the nerds are cavity free! It is a sugar bug candy, (Sugar bug lots of sugar) But parents agree with Willy Wonka's sweet treats.

  • Yes, Nerds are tasty.

    Yes, kids should eat Nerds because they are delicious. Eating Nerds does not make a child turn into a Nerd. Nerds are full of sugar, so they will make a kid hyper. But Nerds are no better or worse for a kid than eating any other kind of sugar. They might as well eat Nerds.

  • Kids Can Have Nerds

    As a Candy, Nerds are pure sugar. There is no reason to deny kids sugar in moderated amounts. Moderation is key, and like with so many other questions, this comes down to proper parenting. A mother or father should be keenly aware and regulating what their children consume on a daily basis.

  • Sugar and artificial coloring.

    Seriously? Are all of you assholes just idiots. Or maybe you do not have children. . . ? 16g of Sugar in just a tablespoon serving needs and you are ok with giving children, Who do not understand moderation, A box of them? No, Giving children this candy or much of the other candy available on the shelves is not ok. Stop feeding children this garbage.

  • Not bad but unhealthy.

    It is made of sugar entirely. Although the Nestle claims it doesn't have artificial flavors, It is still made with artificial addictives as means to preserve the candy. It can be consumed but kids often take on too much of this candy as they value less about their health than adults.

  • Nerds are bad.

    Nerds taste bad. They cause forgetfulness and make you dumb. They also cause both birth defects, and due to their low calorie count and great taste it can get people addicted. Nerds taste so good and are so healthy that they are too easy addicted too that they are unsafe.

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