Should kids face criminal charges for using violent emojis on social media?

  • My grandmother died from a violent emoji

    There was once a boy named Scott. I knew he was a meanie. But not this bad.
    One day after I slam dunked my basket ball across a football field. Winning the basketball game, Scott scoffed and said he'd get me back.

    I wasn't afraid. I got a big brain. And 30inches of pure muscle that the ladies love.

    But... One day..

    He sent the most violent emoji I could of ever think of.

    It was a devil emoji. I hurt a slam from my grandma's room. And a scream like no other. Her room was completely painted red. While it was usually blue. That's when I realised.

    That wasn't paint.

    It was her blood.

  • Making young adults responsible for there actions on social media.

    In this day in age of school shootings : Columbine, Holbrook Elementary, University of Virginia and many more, we have to find out what these children and young adults are doing prior to these crimes. Many have posted videos and have written letters expressing feelings about why they are doing what they are doing. Unfortunately we don't ever find them until after the killings are done. Even today 3/2/16 a young girl text a emoji to a classmate of a pistol and the words "library. ..Kill it". How are we to know what is going happen next? She was detained and had to speak to the authorities. Imagine what the worst case scenario could have been. We have to make these children responsible for there action. Yes parenting can assist but empowering these children and young adults to take responsibility for there actions could be just the beginning.

  • Everone can express their opinion.

    Everone can express their opinion. First amendment.

    But if you want more in depth here you go.

    What is there against bad words? Why are emojis any different?
    You can't throw a kid in jail for cussing.
    This is not an issue. Emojis are already toon and mundane.
    How could it be violent? Oh, gun emoji.
    Would an adult be sued for this?
    Say you post a thing with the gun emoji.
    An officer informs you to appear in court because of it.
    What would you think?

    If adults wouldn't be charged minors shouldn't.

    Any wouldn't you sue apple for creating them in the first place?

  • You a little girl

    Get over it bruh we watch looney tunes swaggzzzz lolol xdxd even more violent then emojis lil broski XDXD trollololoollll FAzE3345 loser columbine are crazy people lil boiii we gun emoji could mean anything from shooting a basketball to shootin some epic roast broham 360 ><
    crosshairs loser yea ill state responsibality for emojis but what u gonna do about it u wont eve 1v1 me in bo3 XD

  • Freedom of Expression

    No one should face any charge over expressing their opinion no matter how bad it is. It's a very basic right.

    People might hate them over it, social media owner might censer it if they think it cause undesirable environment, let them face social consequence from their own action.

    So sad that it is not the case nowadays.

  • Um... Emojis are jokes. Not real life threats.

    First off, as many of us have mentioned, they're just kids. Let them have a little freedom and expression; they're already chained and restricted by parents and school. Also, emojis are meant to be funny jokes, a way of being silly. You don't make threats/crimes by sending an emoji of a cartoon knife.
    Another thing to mention is that why would they make violent emojis except the fact that it's funny and cute. That's the whole basis of an emoji!
    The police would also have a real hard of time of dealing with these 'crimes' because kids around the world probably send these violent emojis millions of times! Will everyone get put in prison for this?

  • It's called parenting.

    Kids still have to sort out right from wrong. Throwing children into a criminal process is not going to do anything productive. Parents need to take responsibility to help their children make the right decisions. If the parents fall short, is it really the fault of their kids? Probably not.

  • Kids should not face criminal charges for using violent emojis on social media

    Kids should not face criminal charges for using violent emojis on social media because there are far too many interpretations. Felonies require intent, and proving intent over a picture seems to be a difficult task. Plus, the issue is kids. Kids are by nature immature and react, rather than think.

  • No, kids should not face criminal charges for using violent emojis on social media.

    Instead of charging kids for using violent emojis on social media, concerned people like parents or school administrators should look into why a child would post something using those emojis. Instead of treating children like criminals for expressing something, people should look to intervene why the child would express something violent before he or she commits a violent act.

  • No, threatening talk is not an criminal offense

    Nobody should face criminal charges simply for emojis. If they are that violent, they shouldn't be implemented in the first place, so that's on the company that created them. Regardless, we're enabling a society in which every perceived slight requires the intervention of our authority figures. Shut off the social media and the problem goes away!

  • No they shouldn't.

    They are only kids. How can Emoji's be violent anyway? If anybody should face criminal charges for using violent Emoji's on social media, it should be adults. The kids just take from example. Why should they face criminal charges, and adults not? It just doesn't make sense and is not fair.

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