Should kids fight at school for some reasons/revenge?

Asked by: amdanea
  • Good for court

    If you want to sue a family, or the school because your child is getting bullied, then you can show them the video as evidence as to what happened. It would help out a lot, and maybe even win your case. It might also help out with bullying because kids might see it and think " oh I shouldn't do that, or i'll get punished"

  • In Self-Defense Yes

    If they were seriously risking injury by not fighting back (regardless of gender btw). A girl approached me on my last week of school and kicked me and put me in a headlock, so I pull her to get her off me because no-one else but her friends is there. We both get punished, I don't see why I should be punished that not only I didn't start but that I was only trying to defend myself.

  • They Should Fight

    -Shows the bully to not fight them ever again(if they get bashed)
    Can stop potential attacks in the future from the bully, which can prevent further bullying from other bullies. In fact, kids should learn self defense to protect themselves from any bullies who try to harm their safety anytime.

  • No. Fighting is never the answer.

    No. Kids starting fights in school is never a good way to defuse any situation. In fact, it only escalates the situation and encourages children to harbor feeling of ill will towards whoever their argument was with. Children are very resilient, however they also know how to hold a grudge against their peers, and that isn't healthy for them as they grow and mature.

  • We shan't fight

    We may have some tiff with someone. Or my name and fame or good result and popularity irritated someone. Sometimes that person, manner or talking style hurt you. It might be. So don't be aggressive or harmful to him or that person. One time he'll realized what had he done wasn't correct. He'll repent for it.
    If you be friendly to anyone (who is harmful to you) he will understand his doing wasn't correct. So tell me why fighting is needed?

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