• Make those lil biches work!

    No one should get anything like this for FREE make them do 100 hours of homework then give them a cheap alcatel smartphone that is about 150$ then show them the true value of a dollar in the 21st century and what it means to work hard to earn sometihng...They are too entitled!!!

  • I personally am in middle school and I know a bunch of people that mess around on their state assigned laptops

    So I think that a phone wouldn't do any better and how would our schools pay for the phones in the first place plus a bunch of kids would forget to charge them and ETC so who in their right minds would do this
    because our town couldn't support the phones after a long period so case over.

  • Free i phone 6

    I this is a series of fact that schools should give i phones because the students can use it in their daily life and also they can use it foe educational purposes and their should we a screen recorder so if the teachers think we are not doing something productive she can check our phone for proof so no kid can use it for their beneficial purposes

  • Kids given phones in school?

    I've never heard of a school that does that. Sure, I know some schools that have Ipads and computers, but Iphones? And plus, why would they give it out for free. You gotta be paying something to use these things. Am I not knowing something, because kids shouldn't be using phones during class, so why are they just handing them out?

  • How are they useful?

    IPhones are not very useful for classrooms. They are hard to type on and are much more cumbersome for things such as google drive. An iPhone 6, in particular, is an absolute waste of money; it would be substantially more cost effective for schools to supply chromebooks -- it keeps all of the advantages and almost none of the disadvantages.

  • This idea is ridiculous

    Phones are distractions in school in the first place. Why give kids the tool to not pay attention. The kids have not earned the phone. I am in high school and I have many peers that do not pay attention in class and are on their phones. Kids will always have phones in class but why give them a phone is absurd. Now the most important point is that schools have little funding why should we waste money on giving kids a phone. The schools have a hard enough time keeping the school running. This idea is bad for the schools.

    Posted by: CFS
  • I think abstractly not

    I have an phone 5 and I don't even have my own number. Everyone in my school has phone X's or something. It would be a big waste for the school honestly. If the school has millions of dollars to waste then go ahead. The schools should use their money for something better. Besides they probably have better versions of the phone anyway.

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