• Should you get larger allowance

    I think you should get more allowance because you could buy Christmas presents or put the money in your bank account for collage savings. Also if you need money for school you don't have to ask. Or if you need to go on a trip but parents don't have the money to let you use your own money. Or if your parents don't have the money for the bills you can help them.

  • No kids should not

    Kids get to much money I work on on a farm and i get no money i get food that it. Kid will get greedy and be brats. They will be mean to other people who are ''poor'. So no no no no kids should not get allowances. So do not give kids allowances.

  • Should they no no way

    No no no because children get paid and then they think that they can do the job bad and also they buy junk junk with the money they get and some get like 50 dollars a week for taking the garbage out and making there bed or doing the dishes

  • Kids don't need allowance!

    Kids don't need an allowance! Their parents have money, so they can choose what they want their kids spending on. Kids will just waste their parents money on junk, and its like the parents are paying for it. Some crazy parents give their kids like 20$ a week for just making their bed or something!!!!!! Kids should get used to doing those things just because, not for money.

  • Why should we get allowance for doing chores?

    Why should we get paid for doing something nice for our parents.What would you do with that money anyways. Buy your parents dinner. Of course not kids rather spend it on as much candy as we should buy.What do you think we should do get allowance or just do your chores.

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