Should kids get bullied for wearing "Walmart clothing"?

  • Bullying is an important aspect of being a vertebrate.

    Before you jump all over me, I am not advocating unkindness of any kind for any reason.

    What I am saying is that the dominance-submission activities (characterized as bullying by the shallow, squeamish, and weak) are deeply embedded in our natures as vertebrates. These behaviors are not going to go away. Moreover, I think it would be a disaster if they were eliminated.

    While there is nothing morally wrong in being weak and submissive, it is impractical in the face of the demands of real life in the natural world. The competition for dominance is driven largely by unkindness and disrespect for weakness. This competition is what spurs individuals to achieve greater levels of strength, cunning, charisma, and durability. These qualities are important when dealing with all species, but they are developed primarily through dealing with the a**holes of our own species.

    The occasion of the bullying (clothes, body shape or size, class or ethnic differences, personal idiosyncrasies,) are irrelevant. They are merely excuses, not reasons. Regardless, the one being bullied has an opportunity to grow, develop strength and courage and stamina and cunning. Moreover, this is an opportunity that the bully does not have, and cannot benefit from, and it is an opportunity that one who is never bullied does not have, and can never benefit from.

    All those of us who have fought bullies in one way or another and won know what it feels like to tip that balance as an individual and come out, against the odds, on top . It is not easy, and it is not cheap, but it is worth it. There is no other way to develop that strength. Those of you who want to wave a wand and make bullying disappear would eliminate a problem that makes us stronger as individuals, as societies, and as a species.

  • No. Of course not!

    Kids shouldn't get bullied for wearing Walmart clothes because some parents can't afford overpriced clothing from the mall. It is just so uncalled for. I get most of my clothes from Walmart because I live in a small town so it doesn't matter. That's how should be anyway. Who cares?

  • Absolutely no way!

    Bullying is bad. Don't go asking people "should kids get bullied for XYZ?" No, no, no, no, NO!!! BULLYING IN GENERAL IS HORRIBLE! Maybe Walmart clothes aren't good quality (like at all) but they don't mean you're poor. They just mean you're not stupid enough to spend $50 on a t shirt because of the label. Am I right?

  • Of course not

    Bullying however I do think is inevitable. We have the anti-bullying campaigns to show how bad bullying is. Great, but I don't think bullies do it because they don't know any better. What we need to do is teach kids to stand up for themselves and not care so much what others think.

  • Don't Judge a book by its cover!!

    Some of us can afford expensive or affordable clothes...... But what is affordable to our lives? Alot of people are getting bullied because they can't afford clothes....... Leave them alone, if you were them, you would want to fit in like everyone else, give them a chance. Deep down inside (most) are sweet and just want friends. Lets stop bullying and lets have a peaceful world.

  • NO, of course they shouldn't

    Some people simply can't afford top of the line clothing and that's okay. No one should be bullied for not being able to afford those things. The brand of clothing someone wears doesn't shape who a person is and as long as they have clothes on their back that's the important thing.

  • No, not 'should'.

    Some people can't afford more than Walmart brand clothing. Some people can't even afford that much. I've always hated people being bothered for something out of their control. If it bothers you that another person is wearing a t-shrit from Walmart, why not just do something about it? Why not be kind and, I don't know, buy them something not 'bully worthy'? And even if they choose to wear Walmart clothing despite having enough money for something in the mall, why should they be judged? Now... COULD they be bullied? Most certainly. But should they? No.

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Sweetheart says2013-11-18T19:42:15.487
There are quite a few considerably rich people that shop at Wal-Mart. That's how the of them stay rich.