Should kids get paid for getting good grades and perfect attendance? For ages 10-100

  • I get paid for good grades...

    When i am in school and my mom or dad tells me that i will get paid for getting good grades it pushes children to do better in school because they have a goal in life to get it. So that is why i think that kids should get paid for good grades

  • Of course not!

    It would be incredibly unfair on kids who don't do as well, impressing into them that they're not worth it, if they only worked hard, they will do well. Why not make it that if kids make a huge improvement, they get a prize - but certainly not money. Wouldn't praise just work? Or shouldn't money be given to poorer kids?

    Posted by: Tib
  • I honestly disagree.

    Kids these days think that they should get paid for the good grades they learn and their attendance. But they need to know all of that will pay off in the future and become mature individuals. If we keep thinking about money, we don't focus more on attendance and education.

  • Of course not.

    There are people who would do anything for a good education, and being PAID to go to something you're lucky to have is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Yes, it would encourage kids that hard work pays off, but the message of that is that they're practically bribing you to do it. A real reward for going to school is getting a good job, and they should discuss that more than shoveling money down their throats for doing what's expected of them.

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