• Kids should get payed!

    Parents go to work and earn money, but kids do chores and its just like having a job! Not getting payed wouldn't be fair. Also, doing chores and getting payed can let kids learn what its like to have a job, and if they learn they can have a great job in the future!!!

  • They start learning more about life.

    They start learning how to work for their money and how to save it. Since they work to earn it, the majority won't spend it all at once. The majority is going to learn how to save that money and how to spend it and how to start working for it.

  • Why shouldn't they?

    You don't get much more of an education or an understanding of how life works from doing chores. A reason kids don't get paid for it is because they are (for lack of a better word) forced to do it. Their parents require it from them. This isn't fair as there has been a growth in jobs where "you work when you want to", like Uber or at-home language services. This encourages them to actually do the chores instead of just playing games or building Lego, while giving an introduction to money management in an easy way.

  • Sets The Children Up

    I think children should be payed as It gives them an idea of what life is like and a responsibility so if they like this responsibility they would continue and do better in life especially if they like money. And some children like feeling like an adult counting money so it encourages them.

  • Kids should get payed!

    Parents go to work and earn money, but kids do chores and its just like having a job! Not getting payed wouldn't be fair. Also, doing chores and getting payed can let kids learn what its like to have a job, and if they learn they can have a great job in the future!!!

  • Kids should get payed!

    Parents go to work and earn money, but kids do chores and its just like having a job! Not getting payed wouldn't be fair. Also, doing chores and getting payed can let kids learn what its like to have a job, and if they learn they can have a great job in the future!!!

  • A life lesson with a fault.

    This one is a hard topic to discuss about because of it benefits. It gives the child an education view of a job. But the problem is, unless Boss-mom is making him do long hours of chores. This would come as easy money to a child. They're not doing it because it good for them in the future, they do it so they can get the money. And unless a child has a motive to save up on a new game; the money will most likely be spent on crap like sweets.

    There should be an alternative. Such as longer hours on Xbox or more time to play out. Depending on the child motive. Money should only be used as a way to save up on a holiday. But chances are you will most likely pay them anyway.

  • It Supports Good Habits

    When you train a dog you give them treats so that they'll learn that it's a habit that gets them rewards. In my opinion it is the same logic. When kids get paid for their chores they learn it is something good they will also learn how responsbility. Thank you for reading my opinion.

  • Kids need to be treated like adults and fairly

    Kids are the same thing as a cults, but just younger and more new to the world.Kids want stuff and eat stuff too, adults can buy stuff in there break time and eat when I they can.Adults get paied for there job/work but why can't kids get paid for there work.

  • Yes, Children should be raised with love, no one should feed children just because they do chores.

    Parents get paid for work, but children don't get paid for chores. The most common excuse: "we parents feed them, we give them a shelter and that's your payment." That means parents will only feed their child if they do chores. Again, Parents raise their kids through love, not chores.

  • Not in cash.

    Kids already get paid. They get food, clothes, and shelter. These things cost the parents money. These are the basic expenses but then there is also health insurance, and school expenses. Parents also give them cash for other things like snacks and other things that they allow their kids to do when they are not around.
    Look, do parents get paid for work they do around the house such as cooking, cleaning, etc? No. So to be fare, kids should not get paid for their household work.
    Here is an idea, if you want things to be more realistic to your adult life, here is what could be done. Take the number of hours the child actually does chores. This is probably around 3 hrs per week. Subtract the hours when it only benefits the child such as cleaning their room. Multiply the rest by 75% as other chores also benefit the child as well as others such as mowing. Multiply the rest by the minimum wages for children. Then subtract any costs such as their clothing, their percent of housing, utilities, cable, food, insurance as well as a charge for being taxied around by parents. If there is any money left, the parents could put that toward what the child would owe from past expenses they racked up. The average cost to raise a child till the age of 18 is about $245,000 to $305,000 each, so you have a big bill to catch up on.
    If a child wants to earn money of their own, they could just get a job. Then they can purchase what they want with parents permission. I even know some kids who have a job outside of home but use their money to help support the family.
    What I find funny is that my generation was called the "Me Generation" as we sought to earn as much as we could for ourselves. That is nothing compared to the "Entitled Generation" that expects everything to be handed to them on a silver platter just because they were born. There is no accountability/responsibility anymore.
    When I was a kid. I didn't complain about chores because of some kids I went to school with. Many of them lived on farms. They got up early every day to take care of the animals before school, worked more hours after school, and even more hours on the weekend and never got paid. That's not including other chores like other kids have.

  • This is ridiculous

    Iam a high school student, being paid for doing chores are ridiculous, if someone just being paid by doing chores, and then someone is cheating it would be an easy money for that guy. Chores given to make someone understand the subject, not to earn money. If we make children or teenager getting pay for doing chores. We can't ensure where the money will gone... Ecstacy?? Cigarettes??(this threatened alot of teenager cause they can earn money easily and then buy something bad) we cant ensure it. If parents try to handle them that would be 85% fail because mostly children or teenagers nowadays dont want to be controlled by their parents.

    The school too, which school shall spend all their money to only paid their pupils to do their chores, the money should be enough to improve the facilities and pay the teacher's sallary. If the solution is only giving money to who get a good grade, then possibility to cheating will increased.

    Society has changed guys, getting paid for doing chores? Are you sure?

  • NO because they live there they help clean and do chores

    I believe they shouldn't because they live there they have to clean why should they get paid their parents work their butts off helping them getting them ready for school and been with you since day 1 you don't need pay for doing something you already do and I'm a kid also and I don't need pay.

  • No children should not get payed for doing chores.

    Children should not get payed for doing chores because their parents feed them and take them to school. Now if there parents didn't do these types of things for them they should get payed, but most parents do. As a parent your already buying them food taking them to band,football, baseball,and camps. You are paying them pretty much so why should you pay them more. If they want money that bad they can go do chores for the neighbor's. Or go around and collect recyclables and take them to a recycling center.

  • I believe that kids should not get paid

    Parents already work enough and they children will become greedy once they grow up. The parents will have to worry about to many things plus the kids need to be prepared for the real world once they grow up. Also the kids don't need to get paid because its a responsibility

  • Children shouldn't be paid.

    They won't get anywhere in life. They will be so use to being PAID FOR the simplest of chores that they won't want to do anything in life without being paid for it. Parents could spend the money they would pay there children for things that they actually need in there house.

  • The parents do not owe them anything they should do the chores out of their loyalty to their parents

    Their parents gave them life the kids should expect nothing in return from their parents, that does not mean that they cant do chores for other people, like in their neighborhood, kids can earn money from those types of things but getting money from household chores from parents that you should be doing anyway is not right.

  • It isn`t fare.

    Every day , parents buy something to their kids or children, so when we give them money, they can think that their parents are very rich man. So it will be very serious. I`m 13 old, but I think I need to say no.
    It can be really really serious to their famillies.

  • Nope, nope, nope.

    I see somebody saying that kids should be paid for their work if adults are paid for their own work. However, the children are being paid for chores, responsibility that they should take care of without money in mind. Adults are never paid for chores, imagine what these children would think.
    Someone also said that they learn about life through this method, such as saving money to learn about economics early on. Terrible economic lesson in my opinion. In economics, it is generally believed that savers are the losers (however, saving is not a bad idea). In most professional opinions, building up assets is better than saving. Kids are too young to gain assets.
    I also agree that the children are already being paid, chore cash or not. It costs parents to clothe and feed children.

  • Think about it

    Do the parents get payed for doing chores? Sure, they might get payed for doing actual work, but kids LIVE at their house. In my opinion, it should be expected of them to tidy up once and a while. Maybe, if they have been doing really good in school, they can get a reward. But definitely not for sweeping the kitchen.

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