• School is cool

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    Posted by: llol
  • We need school so we can learn and get smarter.

    We need to go to learn. School is what help us learn. If we had no school then people would have to homeschool us. And they can homeschool us if they had him go to school and get smart. Also we need school so we can get smarter and get new jobs. But if we didn't have school then we couldn't get a job.

  • WE need school

    We have 5 days a week and look at me im perfectly fine. We need the knoweledge for everything. Any one who says no to this is a fat lazy person. Ok get that in your head and soak it in really good. Got that thxx laters bye jkja hadfj

  • Kids should go 5 days a week to school

    Lets put it this way, kids need to go to school 5 days a week to maximize their learning potential. Anything more than that will just burn the kids out too much and anything less will not be efficient. Also, it will prepare them for the future where adults have to work 5 days a week.

  • Because they to learn something at school if they don't go to school they will be dumb.

    Because I'm 9 and school is fun and you get lot of fun work and you might have the best teacher ever and she might give you candy if you behave well and you might find new friends at the your school where you are and you might get extra recess.

  • 5 days a week is about right.

    Kids should go to school 5 days a week for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is because their parents generally need to work 5 days a week. Going to school 5 days a week helps get them prepared for the schedule they will need to maintain for the bulk of their life.

  • School prepares you for college. It also allows you to get a job.

    If you go to school five days a week, you'll get an excelled education. You will qualify for college and jobs. Most people don't think they use knowledge for jobs. You use math when you're at the register. One day you'll be living on your own, and you'll need the money. You can't get money if you don't have a job. You wont be able to support your kids, because you won't have money, because you don't have a job. The kids who want only four days a week, are just lazy. They don't care about their future at all. So yes, five days a week for school is not unreasonable.

  • We should not go to school

    It's scientific proven that you can stress wich can lower your mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So there should only be 4 days of school that was that you can have your homework done you can have your project done and stitches can have more days to plan teachers have more days to plan their plans so we can have a better education

  • Higher tax income

    If you want a four day week your parent or yourself would have to pay higher tax fees. Kids would stress more, but that's part of life. Being busy as a bee is part of life. Heck, SCHOOL IS PART OF LIFE!!! Why would we want to spend money to learn less. I would want to learn more.

  • Yes but they should rework it

    Why go to school and learn about why leaves are green? Makes no sense. What we should do is teach standards up until 5th grade, them the kid can choose what job he wants to do, go to university, study it in depth so that they become perfect and then give them a mentor for a couple of years. During that time, we should also teach them how not to fuck up in life.

  • No we shouldn't

    We need less time in school because we get tired out and especially middle schoolers and high schoolers have up to eight classes every day and most home is due the next day. And for some kids that is to much homework in so little time . I think we should not have to go to school 5 days a week.

  • Less school is better

    We should have less school because, first kids would be more rested for school. Second we would have more time to finish Homework and projects, so we would be less stressed that we will get a bad grade. Another reason is that we could be more social with friends, or make a new group of friends, so people don't fell left out. In the end i think that we should have less school

  • No, kids should go only 4 days a week so they have enough time to rest.

    School is exhausting and frustrating for many kids. This is only increased by having a 5 day week. It would be better to have more focus on sciences and maths and less focus on less important subjects. Thus the school curriculum can be squeezed into a four day week instead of a five day one.

  • I say no

    Because kids need a longer break to catch up on family objectives and homework so that they can get really good grades and because need to get a lot of stuff done when they are in their homes and they need to really need to practice religious affairs and traditions

  • 4 days is enough of school

    I am in high school and the teachers barely teach or give homework. If we took away a day of school I doubt it would make a dent in the children's knowledge. We feel like we don't get a break with 2 days. I'm all for 3 days off and 4 days of school!

  • Becuz it sueks

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  • It makes them tired.

    Going to school for over four hours causes fatigue in children because they don't get the needed amount of sleep for a growing human being. School also stresses children out because they are expected to remember everything for each class in order to move on in school. Studies actually show that kids should go to school for twenty four hours per week maximum.

  • School gets progressively harder and leads to all sorts of problems.

    I’m currently in the 8th grade (prepatory) and it is fucking stressful. I have seen kids really stressed over workt hat teachers think is nothing. And yes, Stress isn’t good, Which can fuck up the brain and is indeed a waste of time to learn things you hardly will remember. Count how much things you remember from other years that u could use, Yeah?

  • No school needed!

    Because we don’t even need to know have of the stuff we learn because we won’t need it when we’re older. Also some teachers fail st teaching kids because their mean and confusing and hard to understand also all kids hate school and we know there’s no use to school. Principles and teachers and adults that work for the school need to make such more fun.

  • Kids have homework

    Some kids don't even get time to do it cause its do the next day so no kids do not need to go to school 5 days a week. Kids need up to 10 hours of sleep and teens are not getting that. They need more time to sleep in.

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