• Yes you should

    I believe that kids should go to school in the winter because that way we will have summer off more things we could do.It isnt fair if we dont get to like go to the freakin lake cause it is so freakin cold out side or get to swim at the beach in canada because it is so cold....

  • Yes we should

    If rather have summer off than winter. In winter you stay inside, you can't travel as easy and there aren't a lot of things to do outside. Sledding and skiing will get old fast. In the summer travel is easy and you can do so many things outside like swimming, walks, soccer, tennis, boating ect

  • This one is obvious

    We should be here in winter, if we dont go in winter, it will be changed to summer, i know it is for all those diseases in winter, but then we will have to go to school in the amazing weather for summer, wasting our time in school, so we cant swim, also, dont try to counter it, i will find a counter to yours

  • Children should go to school in the winter.

    Children need to go to school in the winter, because they need to be educated. If we don't our nation will be lower in education as it already is.
    Kids don't always have to walk or bike to school. If their parents don't wan't them to break their legs or neck then they can take them to school themselves, or the bus could take them to school

  • To gain knowledge and to gain education has no season

    Seasons are made to be enjoyed not to bunk classes .When we go for romantic date in winter we are ok but when we have to go to school why do we worry of our health.Ya their might be the loss of health of 40 out of 100 students but why should we waste the time of others who have to sit in their homes idle .Sometimes we get summer holidays and some time rainy days so if so much of holidays will again add up one more winter holiday then why are we going to school there must be only holidays.Even today our holiday list occupies 60% of days and now if we don't go to school then we could never enhance our knowledge and will get very bad grades so there is no point to stop schools in winter and sleep at home or do any nonsense .In the conclusion empty mind is devils workshop so we must engage it in studies by going to school

  • Winter weather sucks.

    I'd rather be inside during the blistering cold, snowy, windy, miserable, short winter days. Since I'm going to be inside anyways, why not get my schooling done? I don't want to waste what precious two months of summer I get stuck inside learning about subjects I don't care about. Going to school in winter is also better for students' focus. By June, the classrooms are hot and it's so nice outside that no body wants to be inside anyways. The effect would only get worse into July and August. And this was mentioned before, but if you live in the northern hemisphere, suck it up. Move if you can't handle being outside for the five minutes you'll be outside before hopping into a warm vehicle.

  • We live inthe northern hemisphere what do you expect?

    Most of the country deals with winter. Some areas have longer winters than others while some places don't experience winter really at all. It would make no sense to not go to school in the winter. Not only is it imppossible for that to work for numerous reasons but it has always been that way. Change can be good but what needs focused on is what happens when kids are in school. Not on when kids are out

  • Yes they should

    Kids are such chickens, I mean my god, I go to school in colder weather than most people, so as my friends mom says, suck it up and walk. However on -40 and below, that is a serious risk then we shouldn't have to go to school, but that is the one exception.

  • It Isn't Logical For School to Be In During The Winter

    Winter is the season of some of the most contagious viruses, and contagions spread in no better place than an enclosed house of 1000 children and teachers. Some schools don't even have proper sanitation methods. Furthermore, it is rather cruel for children to have to stand at the bus stop in temperatures below freezing point.

  • Should we or should we not?

    People are telling me that we should go to school in the summer so that we don't have to go to school in the winter because of the cold weather and the snow. I have been telling that we need our summers off not our winter. What do you think?

  • Kids are already worn out

    Kids have to sit through so many day of school, It wouldn't kill them to have a couple days off. It would actually make them refreshed to go to school. Kids need a break sometimes. They will get tired. Some parents, when their children are sick, they will make their children go to school and spread whatever they have to the other children.

  • No they definitly shouldn't

    Honestly, if you ask me if you make children go to school in these winter cold time in the time of all of the viruses that is pathetic I mean you guys can't just give a 1 hour delay and expect it to calm the weather down and besides we already have to go to school for 1 year what is the problem if you have a couple days off...

  • No they shouldn't

    I don't think they should because it is a hazard for slipping. It is to dangerous. Once one of my friends slipped on ice and he broke his leg. It is just to dangerous to be outside in the cold icy weather. And thats why i don' think kids should go to school in the winter

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    Did you know that a 5 year old girl died last winter because she and her mom were waiting for the school bus iin the cold.This shows that schools should be closed during winter.Why are some people so cruel.Like god.J just wrote this part because it said I needed to write 16 more words LOL:)☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😇

  • No, they should not.

    The reason why children shouldn't go to school in the winter is that kids would miss out on important events like Hanukkah and Christmas. Plus it would damage the body when outside in the snow. The body is exposed to diseases in the winter when not dressed up correctly. That is why you shouldn't go to school in the winter.

  • No way man

    That is just stupid to have school in da winter, because if kids have to walk then they would be freezing cold by the time they get to school. Also its not safe, because of colds and the flu, and also for the kids who walk, they could probably get hit by a car, because of the icy roads.

  • No way man

    That is just stupid to have school in da winter, because if kids have to walk then they would be freezing cold by the time they get to school. Also its not safe, because of colds and the flu, and also for the kids who walk, they could probably get hit by a car, because of the icy roads.

  • Winter is harsh

    I don't like the winters the cold harsh weather and so many diseases plus the fog makes us face so many accidents and delays to places. Winter is BORING we stay inside no outdoor games so then why should we go to school to get sick. No never ever ever.

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