• Yes. They are needed.

    You can disagree with my all you want. But listen, did you know that 10 year old, Jasmine, committed suicide for the clothes she was wearing? No lie. That's horrible. Over 1,000 kids get bullied because of THEIR clothes. Dress code is not distracting in anyway. It's my 3rd year with dress code, you get used to it and forget about not having dress code. Dress code can help many bullying problems. Think about it.

  • Should Kids Have Dress Codes At School???

    I never said they had to wear a uniform, but clothes like shorts above the thigh, or show their belly button is not needed. I think schools should have dress codes to keep them away from bad things when they grow older, I mean I rather not have a uniform either, but a dress code, yes.

  • Absolutely yes! Kids need a dress code

    Kids Need a dress code Because if there isn't a dress code people are going to get distracted. Kids get distracted really easily, Like if there's a person wearing flashy clothes i guess the students will get distracted and thous disturbing the learning environment and effecting the other children s ability to learn.

  • To a point I think kids should.

    Having gone to school in the UK I think a dress code is a better option than a uniform. A dress code allows kids flexibility in what they wear and allowed them to dress weather appropriate but does not allow inappropriate clothing like gang colours .

    By the age of 16/17 when I started A level collage there was no dress code and I found people didn't dress inappropriately because we knew what was appropriate or inappropriate so yes but just preventing things like gang colours or inappropriate designs so up to the age of 16 when the kids kind of have the insight to see what is appropriate and what is not.

  • It depends on the dress code.

    If the dress code is a uniform, then no. If they mean things like booty shorts, and belly shirts, than yes. Kids should not be showing off so much. But on the other hand, if the outfit is appropriate, than they should be allowed to wear what they want. It's only fair.

  • Free dress can be distracting

    Although, I do feel it is important for children to express themselves, there are other ways than through clothing. Plus, children have the weekends, breaks, and after school to express themselves through clothing, but school is not the appropriate time to do so. A lot of the times some of the clothes adolescents tend to where can be distracting and cause loss of focus in the students. Other students should not have to be distracted because of one's choice of clothing. In addition, uniforms are sophisticated and professional, which is better for the school's reputation. Kids should be focusing on school work not fashion at school.

  • It's not a uniform

    Reading the other side it seems they think it is a uniform it is not bad mine said pretty much don't show bras,panties,underwear, or what goes under them it was fine like 3 people got dress coded while I was in middle or high school. People that do not want them are wrong

  • Clothing can be distracting and make others feel uncomfortable.

    Although many schools have dress codes that I think are ridiculous, all schools should have a dress code of some sort. My school does not have a dress code and some of the clothing kids wear is extremely distracting. There was a girl who wore a sheer top with only a bra underneath, and the full bra was visible underneath.

  • You do not have to worry about what to where.

    If you have a dress code boy do not mess with you, most of the boys in my grade stare at you if you ware leggings or short shorts. Therefore boys will not drool over you. You also do not have to worry about getting up early and picking out and outfit for the day.

  • What about gangs

    Tell me, would you rather have several bullets to the head, or wear accuall cloths a a aaa a aaa a a a a a a a a aa a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • Discriminating against girls😡

    Does our shoulders bother you? Well great of they do! Go look some where else!!! No one asked for boys to stare at anything we have! It isn't our fault that boys think that girls with a "figure" has a nice body so they tend to stare 😂 like really? The staff blames it all on us girls ... The boys have their pants sagging because its so called "cool" but no . They aren't forced to go up to the office & call home for a change of clothes!!! So now do you think its fair for us girls!?

  • Society is the problem

    If you look at dress codes you notice that the codes are more enforced onto girls. I think the problem is society and that we have over sexualized the women's body. Boys are made to have pants up and sleeves. But girls must wear long skirts (which are hard to find in stores and inconvenient), cover bare shoulders (which is another reason that females body are over sexualized), bra straps covers, no leggings, over excessive pants, shorts must be a 'modest' length (what gives them a right to decide what is considered modest, this is their own biased opinion), hair must be natural, no excessive piercings, ect ect ect. Why are girls being so forced upon with this biased idea? It is not our faults that society has corrupted the way a female body is. So what!? They are breasts? They are butts? And legs? Why is this considered too sexual and distracting? It is not our problem. Drop school codes. Don't restrict us.

  • Why are girls getting punished???

    I refuse to be taken out of class to go to the nurses office to change out of my clothes because I had a hole in my jeans. Was I a distraction to the learning environment?? Did I disrupt the class?? The answer is no. If you are no afraid that guys will be looking at our ass then teach the boys to control themselves, not the girls the be ashamed and hide the body they have .

  • It is lame

    We have to wear stuff that we don't want to. If we want to go to school in our undies then we can't. I think people should be able to express themselves. We buy clothes that we can't wear because it is interpropiate. But we like the clothes so we should wear them.

  • Kids shouldn't have dress code

    Kids should not have dress code because it takes learning away from student to get pulled out of class to go change, Boys should learn to control themselves and not see girls as sexual objects.Dress code is just a waste of time, Girls and boys get suspended all the time because of dress code. That is just RIDICULOUS!

  • School dress codes suck

    Its sexist when a girl gets in trouble for "distracting" the boys. When girls get in trouble for wearing a tanktop or short-shorts, its almost saying a boys education is more important than a girls education! School dress aren't always about bare skin, leggings, yoga pants and even skinny jeans have been banned from some schools!

  • School dress codes suck

    Its sexist when a girl gets in trouble for "distracting" the boys. When girls get in trouble for wearing a tanktop or short-shorts, its almost saying a boys education is more important than a girls education! School dress aren't always about bare skin, leggings, yoga pants and even skinny jeans have been banned from some schools!

  • No mare dress code

    I think we should not have dress code because people need the freedom to wear the close we want. Also what if we only have non collar shirts you will need to spend more money just for collar shirts. That is the reason why we don't need school dress code

  • No we shouldn't

    No us students should be able to express ourselves . Teachers are always telling us to be ourselves but then force us to wear something we would not otherwise wear outside of school. It's completely stupid that we should be made to wear a uniform. Teachers say that no uniform would distract us, but students talk about clothing anyway so what difference would it make?

  • Of course not!

    Children should not have to wear anything regarding a dress code. Children should be able to express their feelings based on their clothing. It is cruel to make people wear something that they would never wear without persuasion. Dress codes for young children are not what I would make for children.

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