Should kids have a gaming system in their rooms

Asked by: coolcat16
  • As long as they are getting good grades

    Having a game system in the child's room allows them to relax while playing halo without having little siblings interrupting them causing them to die a gruesome death by a grunt. As long a s the child is getting good grades by all means let them play video games on there console in their room. But by having a console in their room they must have a a TV in their room.

  • Could be nice, but add controls.

    Yes it might be nice to game in your own room, but there should be restrictions. Lock the games with a code to prevent late night gaming. Handheld games already exist though. If you were sick, you could play while in bed to get your mind off of the sickness.

  • Bitch no hell no

    I don't care if I'm the only mother fucker up in here. They gonna be lazy asf just like me you don't want that so that's why my parents hate me. They gonna be so mother fucking annoying, ask for more, and be spoiled little brats. They ain't comin outside again so don't do it before your life and her life are over.

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