Should kids have a limit to how much home work kids can have?

  • There should be a limit on homework

    Having too much homework can emotionally distress and depress students. Having multiple assignments in every class can take a lot of time and with an emphasis on physical activity to limit child obesity, Keeping up with school, Parents expectations, Physical well-being, Extracurricular, And other clubs and organisations it can become too much and overbearing on students. Missing one assignment can cause them to fall behind and without a limit on homework it will continue to pile up and cause the student to despair and cause a lot of emotional stress.

  • Too Much Homework Is Bad.

    Having gone to High School, I know that homework can be stressful if given too much of it. I know of many occasions where I would stress out a whole lot after getting so much homework in one day. A lot of the time, I had work and other activities going on at the same time and wouldn't have the time to finish my homework. This is why I believe that there should be a limit because homework causes stress and sometimes, Students don't have the time to finish 3 hours worth of homework.

  • Yes. Kids should have a limit to how much home work they can have.

    Why? First, Let's look at the word limit. It means boundary. And when we have Boundaries, It's for safety and welfare of everyone. If we don't have limits, I think, It would be troublesome for both parties.

    Because imagine, What could bad thing can give to a student if they just waste all of their time in doing school works?

    It is just deteriorating in every sense.

  • People Can Decide

    I don't think there should be a limit. Why? Let's think about it. Yes, I understand kids can have POUNDS of homework, But it can help kids get ready for college, Because the average college kid has 2 to 3 hours of studies and homework to do per day.

    I don't think any bad things could really happen if you have 1 or 2 things from each class you have. The parents being troubled is a different story, Because they may get tired of their kid doing homework, But I disagree with that statement, Because all it really is, Are extra worksheets and things to help them prepare for later struggles and tests in the future.

    I do agree that the kids may get tired, So teachers can let the homework be due the day after the day it's due, And then get less homework on the day before.

    Having no limit on homework shouldn't affect anybody in anyway.

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