• It makes no sense not to

    They're kids. They have every right to make a debate accounts as us adults do. It's an interesting site and can help them learn more and better understand the issues of the real world. This is more of what we need, not children who think that the world is a wonderful, care-free place (which many parents teach them).

  • Though this site isn't perfect,

    Children need to have the chance to develop their own opinions, and learn to have respectful discourse. I would rather DDO became more well moderated before to many kids got on here however, because not all members are exactly "Kid friendly" .

    Children should have some rights, and be treated more like people than the valuable property they are now.

  • Why can't kids voice their opinion

    Kids have opinions just like adults do. Just because they might be younger doesn't mean that their opinion is dumb or stupid. Some adults think that children don't have much knowledge. But that isn't the case with opinions. Why can't children sign up? If that's the case then their shouldn't be a sign up in the first place.

  • Yes. Why not?

    First off, it can teach kids how to use their critical thinking skills, it can teach kids to accept when they are wrong (or to be open minded), and it helps them to practice their constitutional rights..
    I'm actually 14 years old! I definitely know how to use my critical thinking skills. I lose so many debates because i destroy these losers with facts so they forfeit!

  • Yes we are human beings and have opinions just like everyone else.

    I am 13 and I have a voice just like adults do, and I should have the right to. I am very intelligent and it helps us with many skills. It also helps to prepare us for the future and since we are the future we need to be prepared for the future

  • As long as they have a valid reason and aren't retards

    I myself am actually 13, so obviously I'd vote yes (I thought honestly you had to be at least 18). But the thing is, it's important that from an earlier age people know that everyone has different opinions. I was never taught that until I came out as bisexual and people started telling me to kill myself and whatnot. But, there should be a limit here. I think you should be at least 13 or 14 to have an account here. That's just my opinion, everyone has their own.

  • Debate.Org is a good internet resource for your child.

    I find that each person should learn the skill of debating. Debating plays an important role in every human's life. From having reasonable arguments in school to arguing for a higher raise in office. Debating will help you a lot. Thought the internet has a very large, grave and engrossing dark side, debate.Org is a nice place for kids. With constant supervision, I don't recall that there will be any problems or any dark side your child will face.
    While people might say that debate.Org has very racist, extreme and harsh opinions and views. I think that in life your kid will one day grow up and see the pros and cons of life. He will one day have to face it one day. Why not give a small dose and will teach him how to face it. It is like giving vaccines to children to teach their body how to prevent it.

  • Why not???? They have a right

    I know why kids below thirteen is not allowed to have an account on debate.Org, It is because of the informal words that grown-ups always type. But informal words like that is NOT a problem of the child, it is the adult's problem, I, myself is also a thirteen only. So it is so unfair! Why can adults sign up but not children? We have the right!

  • We should all be allowed to voice out opinion

    Any kid smart enough to log onto a computer, create an account and figure out how to use this website should be intelligent enough to write a rebut and debate.
    These debates commonly affect the human population a whole, including children of all ages and this is a website where we get a chance to voice out opinions without being judged or people knowing who we are. Not just any kid would find themselves on a iPad or computer and choose to write a debate about same sex marriage or celebrity worship is out of control over subway surfers.

  • Yes the first amendment lets everyone speak on anything. Also keeping things from children (info) is wrong.

    If children learn to debate at an early age they will be able to learn and be able to have strong debate practices by the time people start taking them seriously. If you keep information from children they may be persuaded to take a side they don't agree with because they aren't skeptical.

  • No. Kids have no "right" to debate online.

    Children tend to have flawed logic and they haven't been educated to a point where they can debate intellectually on the same level as adults, and so when they post on this website they dilute the true purpose of debate.Com. This is a big problem I've noticed with this site. Too many under age kids are on here and it lowers the entire intellectual nature of this platform.

  • No no no

    Adults are clearly far superior to children and children can never have the mental capacity or maturity required to use this site. Children on this site will just use over-emotional arguments, just like women and blacks will. This should be a strictly white male adult site only, so children, women, and minorities alike can't pollute this great site with their inferiority.

  • No. Attention: If

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  • Due to content, no.

    What do you mean by kids? If you mean children, then no. If you aren't into your late teens, then there are simply discussions you shouldn't have access to. The idea of 12 and 13 year olds being in the middle of an abortion debate or a debate on the availability of alcohol, drugs, pornography, simply seems inappropriate.

  • Read stemalclean's argument,

    It's on point. There are certain things kids should not have access to, for their own good. Now, there are intelligent children out there, of course, but as a general rule, anyone under teen age should not be allowed to participate in debates. Heck, many arguments I've seen on this site already sound very ill-written and stupid, and could be kids lying about their ages, so OPENLY allowing them in could only cause more chaos.

  • No exclusive benefits found on the "YES" side

    First of all, there were no contextualization and analyses given by the poster regarding on the issue of kids and accounts. So, I'll have to define them myself. Kids are children below legal age of majority (16, 17, 18, 21, I don't know, but it's 18 here in PH) and accounts are used to access anything available on the site. With these, it can be safely stated that these kids should be prohibited on having accounts on DDO. Having an account and not accessing anything at all will be acceptable, but I doubt one account holder will do that. This site is mainly about debating and only "mature" (don't have to define) people should be allowed for the sole purpose of "not brainwashing one's mind into one narrow aspect of the motion." This site is definitely harmful to people with naive minds, such as MOST children. I believe on freedom of expression and such things, but brainwashing kids is a different issue.

  • It depends which age range

    So, I'm 13 and I have an account. I think that's fine. Someone like a 7 year old to a 12 year old I don't think so. This is kind of an unfair site because you know there are a lot of trollers. I also don't think they need to be exposed to this kind of stuff because some of the topics they shouldn't have to worry about. If they want to have a real debate, they should do it in real life, not online. And I know you're probably like, why are YOU on this site then? My answer? Because I may be a serious debater but I use this site to blow off some steam and do a bunch of quirky topics or topics that I don't get to do when I'm debating.

  • What do you mean by "kid"?

    As I am 13, I of course think that children should be allowed to use this site. However, younger children should not be able to use this site as they might not be able to form a valid opinion yet. Children 11 and under should not be able to use the site, but anyone 12 and over should be okay having an account.

  • Kids, no. Aspiring post-adolescents, yes.

    While some young children may benefit from arguments presented here, many should not use the internet without a parent or guardian. Young children will not benefit from using this site. The age range has not been specified, however, kids who are developing towards post- adolescent will benefit from using this site over time. Their opinions will skew after a few years and personal growth will become apparent.

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