• Yes, at a certain age.

    Once a kid gets old enough to treat the cell phone with respect and is not going to break it or play with it than yes they should have it. It is good for going out with friends and it is good for having when at school or those who walk home. Sometimes a child needs to be able to reach their parent.

  • No No No

    I do not think kids should have cell phones because they only want to play games on there. They could live without cell phones. People in the past did not have cell phones and they were just fine. Do not give a kid a cell phone just to play on them.

  • It can cause issues

    There is no point. It can cause issues anyway. Stuff like social media, texting, etc. Any boy and or girl under 10 doesn't need one. Then comes in how they wouldn't know how to work it that well anyway. It can cause bullying. Some other kids in the 4th grade might have an Iphone as well, but just to point out, at a young age they don't know well how to use there words correctly either. Kids would spend there time on Instagram posting things that don't make sense that nobody look at anyway. At an older age these things might make more sense for a kid to be accessible to. Also to point out, it might not be a good time in life to get your brain rotted and your life wrapped around the social media world. In my perspective, children 10 and YOUNGER should NOT be accessible to a phone.

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