• It teaches them important life tasks that they will do as adults

    Chores give kids an experience and insight about real life, that is a life where one must work to achieve order and cleanliness. It teaches them discipline and responsibility, they will learn that a house in not just a place to rest and mope about, it must be taken care of, kept orderly and maintained. Learning basic skills like cooking, cleaning, basic repair, feeding and bathing pets will be essential if they are to survive as adults. Without chores, they are inexperienced and lacking in basic home-care skills which will lead to a disorganized house and laziness. Everybody must have an equal part in housework.

    Posted by: GKY
  • It teaches them that life involves work

    This is exactly the problem with today's society. Nobody wants to work because they've never had to. Kids who do chores and do them consistently develop a work ethic that will serve them well when they enter the work force. Do the world and your kids a favor. Give them chores.

  • Another form of education.

    Just as school teaches them things they will need when they get older, so does chores. Some day, these kids will have homes of their own and will need skills on how to maintain them. Another thing is that if kids have to help clean the house, maybe they will try to make less of a mess. Can you imagine the home of someone who has never done household chores?

  • I agree with you and superb debate. Please do more debates

    This will help my kids especially my younger lazy debates. He is solazy. This will be just what i need to teach him doing chores is not so bad. Thank you so much. Please do a debate on eating healthy food. I really need to teach my kids to eat healthy

  • Do Your Share

    If kids do not de their share cleaning the house it would always
    be a mess. Parents are making the money for them to live a good life. Kids need to do their part.
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  • Chores are what give children the knowledge of how to do work.

    As children, Humans learn more stuff than ever. Most habits and procedures taught at this age are more likely to stick around later in life. Therefore, Useful procedures like chores will then apply to other jobs later in life. If children are not taught chores, Chances are they will never find a real job with good money and will stick around doing nothing long after parents are not able or willing to help them anymore. So please, Parents. Have your children do chores. A few goes a long way.

  • Sure why not

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  • Sure why not

    Thank you very much for partisepating yes
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    Yours sencerely your lover boy and thats all from me bye bye till next time ka kite anoand remember me its cane your favourite layer cane or go to were am I I!

  • Chores --> Responsibility, Self-Reliance, And Sense of Community

    1. A child needs chores to learn how to basic life tasks.
    2. If a child knows how to complete basic life tasks, He or she will feel competent.
    3. If he or she feels competent, He or she will feel confident.
    4. If he or she feels confident, He or she will be more resilient, More empathetic, And hold a stronger sense of community.

    The rewards of fostering responsibility are foundational and exponential.

  • Chores are important:

    Nothing would get done if kids didn't do chores. Parents have to work and often kids get home from school before them, this gives them plenty of free time get things done. Also when they grow up if they never did chores when they were kids they won't be ready for this responsibility. I hope you consider this argument.

    Thank you

  • Kids are kids

    I think that kids should not get chores because they are still growing and are young. They shouldnt have to worry about doing chores after school. Plus kids have homework and after school activities so chores are making kids days a lot longer. Kids should be able to relax. Kids are already stressed out about school so people give your kids a rest.

  • Children are not meant to do household chores

    Making children doing household chores is like making the do child labor. It wastes their time and avoids them from doing other activities. Making children doing household chores is a discipline but I think it should not be used through the household chores for your house. Let them clean their space but within while you clean household chores.

  • No no no no no no no no no

    Us kids just need to clean up after ourselves, not clean the whole house. My parents need to get of their a**es and do stuff around the da** house and not play video games all freakin day. It's so annoying that I have to do s***t and they play games. IT'S FREAKIN INSANE. Well, goodbye.

  • Kids should not have chores

    Kids should not have chores because they have school work and cleaning takes the time away of homework and kids should take school serially.Because they need to learn and chores sucks i hate chores but i do it for the money so the all i got say see you next time. Byeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It makes kids tired

    Kids can not do homework or study if they have chores and in my opinion school comes first because parents , tell me this, a good college for your child, or chores? Answer me that and that is my official answer to the question so no they should not have chores!

  • Kids should socialize not mop and sweep!

    Kids should be learning social skills for the future. Sure, they can learn responsibility but school work does the trick for that. Kids also need to focus on education and their health. This generation is too busy doing chores instead of going outside and riding bike, playing sports, dancing, even simply walking! Especially students shouldn't have chores homework and extracurricular activities can cause so much stress for kids and adding chores in the mix doesn't help at all.

  • Because chores suck!!!

    Im a kid and it takes a lot of time out of my day. The chores also make me tired then in school I can not learn that well. Also it is takeing a lot of time from my studying relaxing time and all of my school work and that is NOT right!

  • No more chores!!!

    They just need to be kids. They have school, and friends that they need to worry about kid stuff and not grow up to fast. They could start doing chores when they are 16 or something to prepare for life. Kids that are younger then that need to spend all of their time being a kid so they can enjoy childhood while it lasts

  • No chores for kids

    Chores take up a lot of time from kid's studies and homework. If they had to do chores all the time, they would not have enough time to play with their friends or have a good childhood. This would also make this kids give a lot of chores to their children. SO SAD

  • No work for children

    Our children should not have chores. During the day children need to spend their time being well, children. Remember when you had as much youth as possible? Did you like working? Well neither did I, we should stop trying to make our children work to make it fair. Its their job to live their lives and its our job to help :)

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