• Kids should have homework

    Kids and adult should have homework because it helps them improve in school. If your getting ready for a big test and your trying to get an 100% then you should study which means you need homework. Sometimes this even teaches us more about others and ourselves. These are my reasons kids and adults should have homework.

  • School sucks so much

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  • We need homework

    I mean think about it homework is a part of our GPA , they help us study for tests , labs, assessments , with so many tests we have in school now homework is a HUMONGOUS part of our grade . We have tests like MAP ; CAASP and a whole lot more . But without homework don't You think that would just mean a longer school day . No kid wants to stay in school longer . I hate homework personally myself however homework is needed and respect that need . Believe me I have another project like every week but since its a huge part of my grade I do it anyway . I understand it may be stressful but don't You think a longer school day would be more stressful than homework . College is worse it's life and life isn't always fair .

  • Home work is needed

    Children need homework because its helps them learn, it is review for your children, it helps them study for huge tests. It gives a reason to do good in school because it helps them study and helps them get a very good grade. It is necessary for homework to be handed out.

  • Yes they should

    Maybe homework is a good thing because it gives more exercise to the brain and sharpens ones skills which are important when trying to get good grades. The more homework , the more smarter one will be and it teaches how to be disciplined and focused on the school work.

  • Yes, homework is an important part of learning.

    While homework takes a lot of time and adds on to the school day, there are aspects to it that are necessary. The most important one is that repetition helps us memorize things. Taking what you learned in class and then using it at home, perhaps even hours later, will help you commit it to your long term memory. Another reason it's important is that not everyone learns well in a noisy classroom. Homework is helpful for those who are more able to learn independently.

  • Kids should have homework.

    Homework is a very important part of the learning process. With homework, the child has to reflect upon what happened in the classroom, which encourages memory skill development, note-taking, and more focus while in the class. It's important for a child to learn how to learn and study on their own, and outside of a classroom context.

  • Some homework is necessary

    Kids should have homework since they need to review and practice what they are learning in school. Homework should be different from busy work, and should be limited so they aren't work-sheeted to death. However some subjects and concepts require more practice than others, so they need home work. Homework is only effective if the teachers are actually reviewing it with their students and helping them to correct their mistakes.

  • Homework Is Important

    I believe it is important for children to have homework. I believe homework helps build up tendencies for responsibility. I also believe homework helps enforce what students have learned in the classroom. I know students do not like homework, but overall I think it improves retention and is more helpful, than harmful.

  • Its important for kids

    Its important for kids to have homework because it can get them extra practice on subjects, and it can help you on those big tests: WKCE, SAT, ACT etc. Some kids think its a bore, but in reality, its helping them out in so many ways. But I don't think it should be assigned specifically. I think it should be assigned like: "Get late work done. Practice something your needing extra practice in." Or something like that.

  • I feel we shouldn't have homework at home.

    We shouldn't have school because it takes a lot of time. People even have classes and they don't want to be late. Also, homework is taking time with your family. 4th and 5th grade there homework takes about 1 to 2 hours and some say it takes them 4 to 5 hours just doing homework. People don't want to be late for class and kids have to rush and at school kids get the questin's wrong because they had to rush. And kids want to play with there family and they don't get to because they have so much homework to.

  • No more homework school is bad

    School work is not needed if we got to school I mean come on if we work in school why have to work at home plus if you have after school programs you don't have time for homework also work my be irrelevant to what we learn in the classroom

  • It cause stress

    Homework can get you crazy with so much homework your head will start to hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will do so much homework you will not have time to relax and look at some tv. Even some teachers give some students a summer packet for homework and I am sick of it.

  • Not enough time in class to learn?

    There is plenty of time to learn in school! This makes homework unnecessary and straight up wrong. Over working kids above an beyond the amount that kids should be working. We have to learn a lot of things in a short amount of time so people think it is ok to send work home. If you don't understand the homework, well that sucks for you, you get an F! Parents help you with work, well not every body has that extra help. So in conclusion homework sucks!!

  • No, they should be kids.

    No, kids should not have homework, because the school day is long enough as it is. Children need more unstructured time to play, spend time with their families, and just be kids. Schools have 5 or 6 hours of instructional time each day. They can teach children what they need to know in that time.

  • No homework needed!

    Kids who have homework (in middle school and high school) will be up longer with more homework, making them tired at school and most likely to fall asleep during class, which will land them in trouble and ruin their education. No one wants to get detention at all in school.

  • No more homework!

    School is hard enough, but homework?! They have crossed the line! Kids, they all have their share of education at school, but AFTER school?! Come on!!! IT WASTES TIME!!!!!!! My outlook on this? I put my foot down! I've had enough! School is plenty, but homework is way too much.

  • I find it stressing

    I find homework to be nothing but time consuming and stressful. You've just spent the last 8 hours learning the same thing, and your probably gonna be going over it for the next few days or so in class.
    You get homework from a ton of other classes, and piling all that on plus projects and studying for tests adds a lot of stress and its time and energy consuming. Kids have lives outside of school. School shouldn't consume their whole life.

    Posted by: Cyan
  • Homework Time and Homework Enforcement

    Research gives homework low marks, but that is the least of the problems with homework. The main problems are that homework has no time limit and penalties for homework not done are excessive. Because of this, homework can wreak havoc in homes for children who work more slowly than average. These kids can learn, but they cannot do their work in a reasonable amount of time. Without an end point to stop homework, the child is placed in an unfair bind, and without a lessening of the penalties, homework drives parents to a frenzy and eventually to irrational actions. Whether or not it has some value is secondary to how we can alter homework policies so that children are not harmed by it. See for more information.

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