• Life sucks, suck it up and deal with it

    If you thinks that homework is bad because it is frustrating or annoying, then suck it up. Since it sounds like you are whining children, that is how I'll treat you. When you become a big boy or a big girl then you will have a job. It sounds like you are too stupid for college or trade school, so you will be making minimum wage. You will get paid for the amout of time you work, so this is teaching you to do your own work. It also makes sure you understand. I can sit in a quantum physics class, but that does not mean I understand it. So stop complaining and do your homework so you don't cause you and your children to live in poverty. It is easy to get into poverty, but it is almost impossible to escape.

  • Homework is just preparing you for life.

    In first grade you get little amounts of homework because you are a kid and you should be hanging out with friends. As you get older you get more homework. It's not because teachers want to make it so you can't be with your friends, it's to alert you of your oncoming responsibilities and to teach you how to juggle time. When you become an adult with kids you have to know how to juggle your time and make room for your kids and work. The only way you are going to gain that knowledge is if you learn how to juggle your time earlier on in life. Homework teaches you how to juggle your time so that you can hang out with your friends and not fail in school.

  • Vital Life Lesson

    If you are taught well then homework shouldn't be a problem. It's also a great introduction to independent learning. Not to mention that a lot less time for learning will be available if the proportion done at home hard to be done at school also. I always found time anyway.

  • [Does not apply to all other forms of school. I.E Sudbury schools]

    Yes homework is important, because it requires the student to manage time effectively and work independently. Furthermore, you can then bring in your homework to school and ask specific questions on issues that you might be having trouble with.

    This is coming from a student who has a lot of trouble with homework, and managing time to do homework.

  • Homework is good in certain amounts.

    So i am just like the majority of school students and hate homework to. But here is the catch. I think that homework and be insanely beneficial as long as it is presented in the correct fashion. I though about how homework could be made better and i came to this conclusion. I think that a limitation on homework would be great like 2 hours at max from all the classes combined. Though i am in school right now and the bell just rang so i gotta end this here. Bye Bye

  • Why kids need homework

    I think kids need homework.I think that because they need education.I think they should have 2 homework's a week cause the also need a break.But kids need to be someone in the world and they should be proud of themselves because of all of the work they have done in there life so that is what i think.

  • Homework is there to prepare you.

    You might argue that homework is unnecessary and trust me for the longest time I also thought this way. But you have to understand there are other people around you that are not intellectually capable as you are, I'm not saying they're dumb. Homework is there to help you understand the topic or help the other people struggling in class to get with the program. You can also think homework as a grade booster if you are failing in class.

  • Yes they should

    I'm not supporting getting rid of homework completely, but I would agree with reducing it. Just putting the idea out there. Also the rest of this is just going to be me explaining it so it will go on due to the limit that i only have 3 more words left and nevermind.

  • We just need homework.

    With homework, kids are able to show how much they have learned and will be able to put what they learned to use. When kids do the homework correctly and turn it in on time, homework helps kids learn time management, find priorities, and being responsible at organizing. Homework also prepares us for real life. Social media, video games, and playing with your friends can wait.

  • Homework lets us review what we've absorbed during lessons, and lets them exercise the knowledge.

    I believe that as long as the homework is not excessively piled on, homework not only provides me with a necessary review, but helps exercise my brain and memory outside of school. Seeing as I am in high school it has certainly stressed me out, but I think that this prepared me well for the university/later in life experience.

  • No more Homework!

    I don't think kids should have homework because it makes kids frustrated. It also takes away from friends and family. My aunt and uncle were in town a couple weeks ago and I couldn't visit with them because I had a big essay due. I think homework should be banned forever

  • No it takes away time

    When you are doing homework you are taking away time for more value able things. For example i had a gold fish but he died prematurely because i had to do homework and i forgot to feed him. Also homework takes away value able family time. Homework should be banned every where.

  • It is vrye anoing

    It is anoing becase if you are ging to dinsn land it will be super anoing and dumb and you aloso have to do ssa it is very hard and super anoing becas wewasrt time with are famlya and then thay get sad that you wonet tir and thay wii kowe you as the oeu how dint go

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo because its bad

    Kids already have 8 hours of school why do we have to do more work at home. Our home is where we chill and play things like video games and soccer of maybe even go to your schools playground or a park near your house. Well homework is tha worst eveeeeerrrr

  • Homework sucksa teach

    My dog needs attention and he can't get it when I have to do my homework. Do you want my dog to die from not having enough attention. Be smart. People like dogs and my dog will die because of people who just give out so much home work. Sucks.

  • Students Should Not Have Homework

    Students should not have home work because after school should be our own recreation time. Although I admit kids today are getting lazy in school and outside, most children can only sit down and focus for a certain amount of time. That time is mostly used up in school, sitting for about six hours a day in humid or freezing classrooms can wear down kids. From personal experience I can say that during the last hour of school I'm pretty drained and I cannot focus on the task at hand, so providing an extra 'hour' of school in the form of homework can be hard. Yes, kids after school can play for a few hours then do their homework but let's be honest, who would want to sit down and do homework when there's so many other things to do? Students today are becoming more stressed about schoolwork, and this stress can quickly turn to depression if their grades aren't up to par. This stress and depression can make it even harder for students to do their work efficiently and get their grades up, sometimes its easier just to sit and talk with a teacher. While it's true that homework can provide a student with an opportunity to review what they learned that day it's also important to understand that we have six-eight periods that can possibly give out homework, that's a lot to remember. Therefore students should not have homework~

  • Do your homework.

    Kids should have homework so the teachers can see there progress. They should do have homework so there parents can see what they are learning at school and so that they can have some work to do at home and so they can have more practice on what they are learned.

  • I never have any free time!

    I go to school for 8 hours. I then have to go to lacrosse practice for 2.5 hours. By the time I have finished showering and eating dinner, it is about 7. I then have over 30 mins of homework for each of my 5 subjects. So when I am done with all of my homework it is 9:30. Oh no, I forgot about my test in Global, make that another hour of homework. After finishing all my homework at 10:30. I am expected to go to bed right away so I can get up at 6 am without having any free time for myself that day. This is why homework is stupid. Both my parents work full-time jobs, and when they home from their job, they rarely have any work to do besides taking care of me of course (I know this is basically a full-time job). I understand that homework doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you have 3 hours of homework every night it gets very aggravating. I don't think that kids shouldn't have any homework, I just think it should be what we didn't finish in class that day.

  • Not Enough Time

    So, students are in school for roughly 8 hours. Most of us also need a job to help pay for things. Let's say that we work for about 4 hours a day. Plus we have chores around the house for about 1 hour. And we have after school activities for about 2 hours. Teenagers need about 9 hours of sleep. If you add about 3 hours of homework, which is about how much homework the average high schooler has, that all totals to 27 hours. You probably know that there are only 24 hours in a day, thus, that is impossible, and homework is overkill for school.

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