• Weekends are for homework!!

    First of all kids are lazy these dayzzzz. Okk. I am a 10 year old boy and i do have homeworks!! Kids are dumb and stupid!!!!! Let me tell you something i have really good grades for 5 th grade. I was sent a note to go to a really good school in New york city rocaway. Awsome place. I have friends that get bad grades. I have bad qualitys but my good one is doing super in school.And i am proud to have good grades😊

  • Why Shouldn't They

    Until people do not have to work 6 to 7 days a week and work on weekends, in order to afford to live in this country. Then yes, kids should have homework on the weekend. In fact, the way we going as a society. We might want to think about making the school days longer to about 10 to 16 hours a day. Then make them go to school 6 or 7 days a week. This way, when they get to the work force, they will be prepared to work these long hours and understand what it really takes to live in this country.

  • Homework is great!

    What's wrong with homework? How do you do well in school without it? Homework is a way of refreshing and renewing your knowledge it teaches you to work independently. It teaches you how to be responsible for your work. It also teaches you to care for your actions. Homework is great! Why mind doing it on weekends this way homework distracts you from bordom while studying. Of course it should be used as a review for the next school day. LETS GO HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Yan Jun Lin

  • Of Course We Should!

    We obviously need homework on the weekends, especially for us who get bored. I am 11 years old and get the best grades in my class. We need to have homework on the weekends. I think it is very important for us to have homework any day. Who cares if it's the weekend? Kids who think we shouldn't have homework on weekends are lazy.

  • Of course! Homework should be a part of a student's mundane.

    It is said that Schools are our second home then why its homework should not be a part of our weekends?
    Doing homework must be included in the to do list of students on weekends.In analogous to performing our all basic activities on weekends, homework should also be a part of their mundane.
    On reading or listening this word 'homework' makes the students irritate and unstable and their thought process directly revolves around their plans for weekends.
    To bring into limelight the key performance of homework in a student's life I would like to put forward the following views.
    Homework instills discipline in students and make them learn time management from the very beginning of their growth period.Homework assists students in increasing their knowledge a little more thereby enhancing their self learning capability.
    At the time of doing homework at homes on weekends students may encounter those doubts which they may have not thought of, earlier.
    Homework also eradicates laziness of students on weekends and bestows self confidence about the topic studied.
    I know you might think that this all may occur by studying on weekdays also, But the perfection or expertise level can be reached in less time by being in better touch with studies on weekends.

  • Duh, why not?

    Yes, i understand that kids like the weekends to relax over the weekend because they have school on the weekdays but they should still have work to do. I dont mean piles and pile. I mean like 1 or 2 pages. It is you decision if you want to fail in class. Your not hurting anyone but yourself, so not our problem. But if you want to be in a top college, you should try to challenge yourself. And if you fail in school, you have to suck it up because that;s your fault. I dont truly think that you should be forced to do it, but i think that teachers should really try to get their students to do it.

  • Kids should have homework on the weekends.

    It is necessary for kids to have homework on the weekends. The weekend is a significant portion of the week, and kids have no actual class time on weekends. Naturally, they should do some academic work at home during their free time. Weekend homework does not need to occupy all of their time, but they should devote some of their weekend to preparing for class.

  • We have too little homework

    We have approximately 180 days of school, that's less than half the school year. We have 3 days to do the homework. You can finish it all in 2 days or less. Adults also have to work 5-7 days of work. Its help get more work done in less time. What if you have to write an important report or something. We also have many breaks including the summer break.

  • Homework is Great

    Homework should be given over the weekend because learning is fun! It improves scores on tests and improves kids! They already should be reading for pleasure over the weekend and studying for tests so why not give worksheets? Homework is a great extra thing for kids/students to work on during their free time on the weekend!

  • We need more homework, look the weekend is coming! Perfect time

    I am ten years old and from my experience of fifth grade we get two little homework. I mean I finish in 10 minutes and on the weekend i do go to the mountains a lot but i still have time instead of sleeping all day or playing halo5 or mincraft. With homework i can educate myself. Sometimes people tend to forget some subjects on the weekends and with homework you can practice.

  • Weekends are breaktime

    Weekends are a time where people are supposed to have a break and spend time with their family. Teachers should not give homework because like I said weekends are supposed to be a break from school and just time to be lazy but students can't because they are worrying about homework. So teachers shouldn't give homework on weekends.

  • No Homework Over The Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm 11 and I get so stressed over the weekend because of homework.Weekends are for family's to bond. When ever I ask to go to a friends,watch TV or play video games. My mom is like "check if you have homework and if you do then do it" So if we have no homework over the weekend, then everyone would be happy.

  • Why we need home work on weekend?????

    Like come on am 10 years and I never have a break. I have school 5 day than go a different school the to other days and those 2 days are harder thanks all 5 day and we need to go home with HOME WORK like come on its called weekend for a reason . Well it defats the reasons HOME WORK stress us kids out and parents make it worse by saying we need to learn and learn and so on us kids want to play we want to have fun but HOME WORE MESSES THE PLANES UP!

  • Homework on the Weekends is an Increasingly Depressing Cycle of Disappointment

    Every Monday night I sit in room and think about everyhing I have to do the coming week. I realize that I will be very relieved when the weekend is near. As the the week progresses, which each passing day I tack on assignment after assignment.
    I then start wishing and thinking "I can't wait for this week to be over....It'll get better...."
    It becomes evident Friday afternoon, and often even at the beginning of the week, that I will have several essays to write, tests to study for, and projects to complete in my supposedly two precious days of "relaxation."
    It's not even relaxation, it's more like trying to regain all those hours of lost sleep I lost throughout the past week and actually having time to do my chores. Not to mention conversing with family. I never have time for that Mon.-Fri.
    And so then this lack of rejuvenation leads me to harbour detrimental thoughts: was I not good enough to deserve rest? Am I not working hard enough, is my lack of energy not evidence enough of my dedication towards performing well in school?
    And so I complete my assignments with a hope that maybe the following week I'll earn a time for my body to physically rest.
    This cycle continues, and continues, and continues. And eventually, you become depressed and lethargic.
    So all of you adults who are trying to persuade the world we need longer work hours and more homework, let me tell you something: you don't understand! It's as simple as that. Yeah, sure you "suffered" through high school. But it wasn't nearly as hard then as it is now. So don't try to empathize with me or anyone else my age.
    And don't be surprised when the spike in adolescent suicides is due to an unbearable amount of stress from the "best years of our [teenage] life."

  • Well i am a student my self and i say no no no

    Yo yo yo i say no no no because the weekends are for children like my self to have a break and we need time to cooperate.However,the week days are also for children like me or any body else to do some work so i do not think it's fair to have homework on the weekends.

  • Having been to school, as a child

    I hated having to do home work at the weekend I mean I was in school from 8:30 until 3:30 so thats 7 hours a just about a normal work day 5 days a week then I had 2 hours of homework so thats a 9 hour day which as a child is a long day then I have homework to do over the weekend while everyone who is in work has the weekend off. So no weekend home work is a bad thing.

  • Weekend Homework is Counterproductive

    I am a student and weekend homework Is torture. I almost find it counterproductive. Instead of relaxing or spending time with your family, you are forced to write an essay or do a math packet. I just want a break but it seems to get worse and worse, the teachers dishing out more and more homework each weekend. It is HORRIBLE!

  • No homework over weekends!

    Hi, I'm here to argue about. . . Homework. Yes, And even weekends. I love weekends. But one thing though. . . I'm the youngest out of my family, And my 2 sisters have homework. I want to spend time with them! And also, My oldest sister stays up until 2:3o a. M, Because of it! I'm so mad about it! I love Family, And I hope this will not happen ever again.

  • Kids shouldn't have homework on the weekends

    I am doing an argument on should kids have homework on the weekends. . I have seen many different answers but mostly No's. I am always so stressed on the weekends because I get so much homework and I try to do it before I do anything else and that never works out.

  • No homework on weekends!

    On week days kids already have homework. I believe that too much of a good thing can be bad. Even though some people will say that "homework is important and it helps kids learn. " I think that sometimes kids should have breaks. That's what weekends are for aren't they? Kids on weekend should run around and play and be like kids! I also believe that if homework are assigned then that contributes to the parents too. Parents on weekend will be very stressful because they have to constantly ask their kids "are you done, Do you need help? " So with that in mind I think that teachers shouldn't give kids homework on weekends.

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TheDungeunCrawler says2016-04-07T15:01:25.810
It depends on the sircumstance, how the student acts in class, if they actually struggle, or if they want the homework. Give it to the students who deserve, want, or need it.
deacc says2016-10-30T14:02:44.363
Neither. Kids have homework on weekends because they didn't finish it during the weekdays. So it is a choice. Most likely I lack of time management or priorities.