• Yes. It will benefit them.

    On Ipads, kids can read books and take notes. Its just like a computer but way less heavy. I think that kids would greatly benefit from it. At my school, all the 9th and 10th graders get laptops to have with them during school. I think it has greatly helped them seeing they are allowed to use them during class and study hall. So yes. I think ipads should be allowed in the classroom

  • Yes I think that would be really cool :D

    I think any touch screen electric device is exciting and fun to use and can be a easier way of learning things and perhaps even faster. However they do cost a lot of money so I can see why a lot of school don't have them. If the iPads or tablets are owned by the school then I surely bet that teachers wouldn't allow students do anything else but education related.

  • It will be the way of the future

    Our kids will need to be at one with technology when they grow up because it will be the way the world functions. Sure many kids learn these skills on their own but not every child has access to learning tools like iPads. Introducing them into classrooms would help their future.

  • Technology is here.

    Classroom is moving on, lime the rest of the world. There's no space for printed documentation anymore. It's the age of technology and digital information. Sadly, books are dying out. Its hard to admit it, but it would be overestimating to say that'll happen in next few years. My guess is it would take centuries to books to disappear, it will. Digital information is far more accessible and personalised than written material.

  • Hi 👋 how are ya

    Yes because I love surviv. Io. I love playing games when I am not supposed to. He he he he, Ha ha ha ha ha. I can’t stop playing games. I am addictide to playing video games. I need my iPad I can’t live without it. Thank you have a nice day.

  • YES IPads are essential !!!

    It is essential that children have I pads in school. Technology is the new way forward. Books are the past. One of the main causes of deforestation is books. There are millions if not billions of school books made each year. HOW MANY TREES IS THAT ??? Books can also harm your back with all the weight.

  • It could help students with their work.

    Yes because they could do homework on it. They could use it to help them in class with hard work. It would be easier to access than a computer or a Chromebook. With a iPad all they have to do is pull it out of their desk and turn it on. With a computer or Chromebook they'd have to go to the computer or Chromebook cart and un-plug it then turn it on and it might take a while to turn on.

  • Easier to learn

    It would be easier to learn so we don't have to leave the class room as much so we can get our work done on time. The fact is that having iPads we don't need to worry about getting the school iPads to the right classrooms. My name is Taten

  • Helps us learn

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  • Yes, we all should have ipads/computers!

    From my point of view, I think every students needs a way to search up information online when needed. An it would be easier for most teachers too. Mrs. Baer a teacher at my school supports this idea all the way...Do you? Please leave a comment below for my power point.

  • I've been able to learn from two countries

    I was born in England and started going to primary school at 4 years of age, but I left to go to New Zealand when I was nine. In that time in England I had not strict, but tough teachers who were able to make us learn. We learnt spelling and hand writing in particular), maths, and capitols of the world off by heart and had races to see who could name the countries or numbers first.
    When I came over to New Zealand when I was nine there was a totally different mind set and the structure of the learning system at schools made it really easy for me. (Even though I had had problems and been into hospital just a few months before and my mind wasn't repaired. Had a bleed/ stroke).
    Children in New Zealand and I'm guessing in certain parts of the world weren't doing the fundamentals of children's schooling life, like learning 'how' to write or learning 'how' to do multiplication. If we load schools with IPADS and technology gear how can we ever hope to teach them the main things like the English language.

  • Throwing away money doesn't produce sophisticated students.

    Children in Belgium who's schools receive less resources do better on international tests. Why is that? Because America, lacks a bluntly sophisticated curriculum backed by qualified teachers and professors who are just as compassionate about teaching as they are hands on, intelligent, and disciplined.

    Almost all of New York's planning for education seems engineered to make us stupid. Cheating has grown prevalent in America's education system as a whole. Why do we need the highest tech computers to learn things that people excelled at years before without them? Why do schools pay for so many programs and events that barely have a lasting impact on the majority of the child / student demographic?

  • My school has iPads for every student each have thei own

    IPads are better then individuals. They have notes instead of wasting paper and citing down trees and iBooks to download books also you can take test and clock and it has bookmarks and it's awesome even for elamentary school. I am in 5th grade it's good education with iPads,

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