• Yes, kids should have iPhones!

    I am 13 and am trying to convince my parents to get me one. Kids are always making fun of me because I have a stupid slide phone. You can also do research at school if you need too. We can have our phones at lunch, but I never take mine because I'm too embarrased. :(

  • IPhones will help kids

    IPhones help parents keep them busy so there never saying i,m bored. You could track them where they are kids are responsible for a simple smart phone they could use it for homework. They text call it would help a lot. If you think they should not have one well so what they should

  • Your kids should have an iPhone!

    They should because they will make the child feel bad that they aren't good enough or worthy enough. Also the child will feel left out and ashamed that everyone has it but them and they go talking about iPhones when she or he can't talk or say anything e cause they don't have one!

  • Kids are getting teased by people.

    Kids are living in a world where phones are all people talk about. I don't have a iPhone, but my friend who is a year younger than me is getting the iPhone 6+. I made a list about reasons why I should have a iPhone. They said they may buy me a iPhone. Kids tease me about not having a iPhone and it makes me upset to hear those awful things. I think kids should have a IPhone when they reach the age 11.

  • Kids should NOT Have phones

    I think kids don't need phones.Plus i don't have one ,if you go to your friends house you mom or dad may say"i pick you up at_:__.Kids also want to play games they can allways get a tablet or ipod.And children bring their phone to school for emergency,but the school have a phone too!

  • Yes they should

    I'm 12 and in I have a BlackBerry and I get laughed at because I don't have an iphone and it's really embarrising. I have tried convincing my mom but she says I'm to young, A girl at my school has an iphone 6 plus now thats unfair I hope u enjoyed my opinion

  • Kids should definitely have an iPhone

    It's a great thing for your kid to have. You can track them, call them and text them. iPhones are very useful get your kid a phone today at RadioShack, the Apple store Verizon and T mobile. I like my phone and it has helped me a lot with life.

  • Yes they should

    You can track them and they can socialize with friends. People who don't have phones usually get bullied later on and its the parents fault for not letting them have one in the first place! You can track them. Its time to live in the 21st century and not the 1970s. Most kids have a phone, why can't your child?

  • Yes kids should

    Children should be aloud to have iphones. This is because if they ever need to do research they can do it on there iphone. Also they should have iphones so if the parent needs to check on there kid they can face time them. Lastly having an iphone makes the kid confident and more responsible for there belongings.

  • Yes they need one

    IPhones are great for kids especially at age 13. It disgusts me when I see a fourth grader with an iPhone 5c. I am 13 myself, I'm ACTUALLY paying for my brand new iPhone 5s. I hate it when parents say kid are spoiled because they have a smartphone :)

  • Kids do not need phones

    Children do not need phones because social media can cause children to bully others and make other children kill themselves you could have a cool flip phone and an ipod or an ipad but you do not need a damn phone other than a flip phone that just ridiculous lol

  • No Way At All

    Ok, so letting your child borrow your iProduct is fine...But when you plunck out say 60$ a month for your child to have data and to be able to connect online, thats over the limit. Seriously, i just went to the movies and I saw a group of 5 kids (under 13) with their iPhones (5th gen for most of them) and using them as if it was just the most ordinary thing. They dont know the value of true social communication unless they develop it before being handed a several hundred dollar device. I'm 18 and I'm as tech savvy as the next person and I like apple (but android is my cup of tea). It jut boils my blood to see snotty little kids using their iPhones to act all grown up and cool. Whatever happened to kids who would play physical games with each other or learn manners or just be a kid as kids were even just 10 years ag? And what are they doing on their iPhones? Addicted to games? Do they have "illegal" Facebook accounts? Are they iMessaging? Surely they dont know enough about when you cant use any more data and so their parents are probably paying 20$ more than average just so their kid can show their friends (which idk how they got them seeing as they are glued to their iPhones) what they are eating or doing? I mean I'm not a good explainer but unless you can show youre mature enough to have a smartphone (like entering high school and passing the first semester or getting a job) they should only be allowed to have "basic" phones. If they want an iPod fine. But they dont need a data-connected device with them constantly. They should go enjoy the things in life only kids can enjoy.

  • Kids should have Iphones or any type of Smartphone

    Little kids and by that I mean 1st graders and well elementary to some extent middle schoolers should not be walking around with $300 phones in their pockets. Which will be perfect targets for robbery. Where does their childhood go? They are going too fast. What happen to going outside and playing, biking riding, or just going for walks. Now there are little kids posting selfies on instagram making Facebook accounts trying to fit it! This goes to my next point the Internet has many things it has EVERYTHING, these little kids will be exposed to bad things. To some point they will be so glued to their phones and that they wont be physically social. It will also decrease their creativity its a proven fact ! And Yes I also get the whole text or communication with parents and stuff, so then get them a regular non smart phone for just texting and talking!

    It stops them from learning about life!

  • No, they shouldn't

    When I was a kid I used to just play around outside all the time and I had fun without any electronic device. I got my own DSi when I turned 12. I'm 15 now and I still run around outside and roll down snowy hills and make snow angels and dance around and stuff.

  • They are to expensive

    Kids are brats and do not need it because they will crack it and they start to act like a big bully to everyone because they have a super pricy phone that I will break in one week. I just hate it because one of my neibors has an iPhone and now she is a very rude kid.

  • Distracts and cause problems

    I am currently 16 and my option is that it's not right to let children have iPhone's or any smartphone for that matter. It distracts kids from things that are far more important; like school and physical exercise. Also Kids with smartphones that have internet access and are more curious and search for things like pornography. Did you know that pornography is the number one searched thing in the world on the internet? I do not like the fact that though things are everywhere on the internet and can be easily accessed with a simple tap or click.
    Another reason i think kids shouldn't have iPhone's is the lack of interaction with Family. I have a sister that is a couple years older than me and when she was still living at home she was always on her phone on Facebook and twitter, and texting all the time. It really bothered me cause i would ask her a question and she would ignore me and continue looking at her screen. Even during dinner she would have her phone with her. Dinner with family is very important and is proven facts that it strengthens the relationships within the home. Phones at the Table should not be allowed in my option. I end my rant!

  • No way a child should have a phone

    First off the only reason a child should have a phone is if they earned the money for it. That way they could actually take care of it instead of them losing it or breaking it and not caring because their parents will just go out and buy them a new one. When I was growing up I dident get a phone untel I was 13. And I paid for the plan and everything. Kids can be really irresponsible and spoiled rotten when their parents just buy them a new phone. If the want one under 13 they should have to work for it.
    I have seen a kinder gardener with the newist iPhone and it was cracked and distoroyed. 12 and under they have no business owning an iPhone. They are way too expensive to have be ruined by a little kid.

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  • Kids should NOT have smart phones..

    They are super dangerous. When kids have have them they have access to the Internet and that is not good. There are many dangerous things out there. Also, they are a lot of money and they break easily. It's ok to have a "dumb phone" all phones are for is texting and calling. If you need the Internet you can use a computer. One last thing is kids can use their I phones to cheat on a test and that is very bad. So it all comes down to kids should NOT have smart phones. The end

  • Money Waste and Can Spoil Child

    IPhones (And other expensive portable electronic devices) are not necessary or even useful for more than entertainment until high school or maybe junior high for most students, and certainly it is quite possible to get by without one even then. Consider a simpler cheaper phone if your child is involved in sports or gets picked up by someone other than you- and if you do, try prepaid or maybe Ting for a cheaper monthly bill- $9/month for occasional voice. As a high school student I use my smartphone for communication of course, as well as simulating a TI-83 calculator and a few apps related to school or my interests. There's a few games on it for if I'm sitting in a waiting room without any good magazines or anything, as well as a bunch of music. Smartphones do have GPS if you do want to track your kid. Although there are cheap plans around, most people wouldn't consider anything but the big 4- ATT, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and all of theirs cost about $50 per month minimum if you want a smartphone, right? Also, kids (and adults too nowadays) are prone to losing themself in their phone. Google a video by Rhett and Link called Get off the phone.

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