• They should if they're old enough to know how to use one responsibly.

    I believe that kids should get a phone if they are old enough to know how to use one responsibly. It's almost essential now for teenagers to have a phone as a way to keep in touch with family & friends. As long as they don't run the bill up, use it in places where it's disallowed, & know both hoe & when to use a phone, it's okay with me for kids to have phones.

  • Yes, but not the ludicrously expensive and fancy ones around today.

    I'm 13, but I'm personally just fine with a cracked Nokia - 100 (search it up on Google images, it's not very flash.) Why waste a thousand dollars on an iPhone? Next year it'll probably be outdated......

    For safety reasons, kids need phones. But why waste so much money on something that can become addicting? Low cost + next to no chance of addiction to it + safety in case of emergency = Good idea.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, the CHANCE that something - that isn't even dangerous - be addicting should not be a reason for kids not to have phones, you can get addicted to songs and movies too, but im pretty sure that didn't stop you when you were kids, they are online a distraction at school if like the kid constantly use it during classes to text their friend or anything similar - if they just use it recreationally in their own free time or something it wouldn't be a distraction to school. Even if some kids do do that, the parents should teach them not to go overboard with anything in the first place. It probably would help with homework, if you don't know an answer or know how to do a process, instead of bothering your parents or calling up the teacher, you can just google it (I know it might lead to "cheating" but whateva) Not all phones are expensive, if you don't have the money for it, you don't need to get the brand new Iphone 6+, you can just get a simple one, maybe even a flip phone. Even if "many people buy phone but do not use them" thing was true, that has nothing to do with whether kids should have phone or not. P.S. I'm pretty sure if you spend alot of money on something, you are gonna use it - or atleast trade it in.

  • You can be addicted

    Kids should not have phones because it can addict him. You can be addicted to games or anything. They are a big distraction to school, learning and doing your homework. Also it is very expensive. Phones are very expensive which makes them not in use. Also many people buy their phones but they do not use them. This is why we should nothave mobile phones.

  • A 'kid' (12 and under) has no use for a cellphone

    Considering the high cost of such devices and monthly payments to companies these devices would ONLY be a waste in the hands of such an extremely young child. They would have no use for such devices since they are either:
    a) at an elementary school
    b) at a daycare
    c) with their parents
    d) at home where there is a very inexpensive home phone
    e) on a playdate with a friends with the friend's parent(s) with a close proximity

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en1gma says2015-08-12T18:38:38.063
Yes. For parents who make their child's safety a number one priority, equipping their son/daughter with a cell phone should definitely be on the list. When your running an errand to a store and your child gets lost he/she has something to utilize to stay in touch with the parent. Also, there is the advantage that you can always let his mom know what he's doing and where he's going if he's not close to home. That way parents don't have to die stressing about their child's whereabouts. HOWEVER, the phones that parents allow their kids to use is a different question. I would prefer to let my kid use a "firefly" type-phone where the features are limited to only texting and calling. That way it is both pocket-efficient and practical.