• This depends really.

    I think this question depends on exactly how long the author means. Some kids are restricted to half an hour a day which is completely unreasonable and yes they should be allowed to use it for longer. Other kids are given free reign, Using the internet for 9 hours straight and their internet time should be more restricted.

    Secondly there really shouldn't be any problem with kids on the internet if we were given proper education on erganomics to prevent unhealthy posture problems or headphone volume to prevent hearing loss. As for eyesight I really don't know where you got that idea from. They should be given proper education on how to manage screen time and use the internet effectively not to mention the usual don't give out personal details that contrary to popular opinion children are perfectly good at abiding by.

    Honestly the internet is a perfectly good thing and there's no need to give it such a bad rap. The real problem I find is the lack of education on how to use the internet. Don't complain about kids misusing the internet when you literally expect them to learn how to use it by themselves.

  • Yes of course Internet is better then the same boring school

    Honestly I have a friend who uses mobile phone all the time and he never wear glasses in fact he has a very good vision. Therefore you have no evidence to prove that screen destroys your eyesight. I mean the whole damn society believes that screen ruins your eyesight. Then today stop believing it, In fact screen only causes temporary strain to eyes but they never cause any permanent damage. Your eyesight problem is likely because of your parents who has eyesight problem because if you see kids were glasses then most of the time you can see one of their parents wear glasses too.

    OK enough of that now let me describe you why the internet is better for learning hours of schooling. First of all Internet let's you know things very easily and quite fast when school takes a week or month for a specific topic to explain to its students. Internet is for everyone, Freedom for most of the things when in school you are forced to obey the rules. In Internet you can learn lots of things in hour or less when in school you are forced to learn the topic that you don't understand properly. I mean in every way Internet is better in education then school which teaches limited things over time when in Internet there is no limitations. You can communicate with whom you want do whatever you want. But the whole society thinks Internet as a bad thing for childrens and they prefer send them to school. The whole society believes lies and myth.

  • No way!

    On technology for to long will make kids eyesights bad, And may cause loss of seeing, This is in risk because of online school, What's your opinion? Share your opinion down below! I will be extremely excited to see your opinion! So do so please (you don't need to really I'm just asking if you can)

  • No, They should not.

    Kids shouldn't be stopped form using the Internet. However, The same should be done in a controlled manner and under the supervision of parents. The Internet is not only harmful for the mental health of the child, If allowed for many hours but also has a dark side which would be extremely harmful, Detrimental to the mental well-being of the child.

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