Should kids have more freedom on where to go?

Asked by: thomasc
  • A kid confined is a future killed

    I was raised as a kid who is restricted in many ways like being nurtured at every nuance of my life. Now at an of 19 I feel more insecure as I am more exposed to world now which I am very new too. Here the problem is world is not supposed to be new for it is the place we arrived when we born and leave when we die. Why is it new?, because I was not encouraged or rather allowed to explore it the way I wanted maybe it is not the parent's fault as the culprit is the bigger society which threatens a parent to restrict your child or he will misuse the freedom. I feel freedom itself is a purest thing a can't be misused unless one who gives the freedom corrupted it. And now I am ready to explore the world which I should have been doing since the day I was born.

  • We get kept in the house to much

    As a teenager i have a lot of emotions and keeping us in a house is the worst thing possible to do, because when parents do that they are damaging us and them because we try to keep our emotions locked up inside of us but when we let them out we can damage the people we love by saying horrible things and if we go out with our friends more it allows us to let out our emotions without hurting anyone.

  • No. No. No.

    Children are mentally and physically vulnerable to dangerous people. This world is a pretty dark place, I realised this when I discovered the deep web. There are many sick individuals out there who would hurt kids, so going out without adult supervision is dangerous. 1 2 3 4 5 6.

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