• Universal Education gives Children an equal opportunity for success.

    Universal Education gives American Children an equal opportunity for success. It improves human capital and social capital, which contributes to increased economic productivity in the long term which stimulates GDP per capita. Education shouldn't primarily be given to the plutocratic elite. It should be universal and accessible to all children because it grants children the required skills that couldn't be obtained simply through autodidacticism (like social skills). Education also improve human development and mitigates illiteracy and is one of the standard indicators for the Human Development Index.

    Universal education is crucial for enhancing the quality of democracy. It alleviates ignorance and improves political knowledge about current and historical events in an impartial manner. Studies show that an educated populace is likelier to make well informed decisions when it comes to electing a politician if the information that is presented in schools is neutral and nonpartisan. However, truth trumps nonpartisanism. So if information appears partisan, but comprises a factual element, it should be taught in public schools.

    Also, universal education teaches children the ethics of hard work and teamwork, which is essential for future success. This also discourages maladaptive behavior.

  • Training for life.

    For the most part, gauging the number of hours in school based on age is good. The younger the child, the more time they need away from school. You could say they don't possess the educational stamina they will when they grow older. Though this is currently being used, I say we should increase the hours by having school year round. We could also remove any activities not directly related to the education all kids will need after graduation such as band, sports, art, or other extra curricular activities. This would not only open their schedule for more classes but allow them more study time to do their homework. After all, we are training them for life beyond school for their life as an adult and for the most part, adults don't get the summer off.
    For adults, this means that they do not have to send their kids to daycare or leave them to their own whims. To the teachers, this means that they will get paid more for services year round instead of having to get a temp job over the summer to supplement their teachers salary.
    If we increase the hours a child attends school, instead of falling farther behind other countries, we can gain ground and maybe surpass them.

  • It all depends on what you do with these extra hours.

    These crucial hours could give students time to work on homework, projects, or to get one on one time with a teacher. Also these extra hours can make time for social interaction and time for students to truly indulge themselves in the arts such as dance, writing, or playing an instrument.

  • More hours doesn't equal to more things being taught.

    Firstly, the current education system is flawed and inefficient- it's going to a wrong direction. More of it would be more destructive than constructive.
    Secondly, learning is like any organic process like sleeping and eating. There's only a certain capacity in a period of time for achieving the highest efficiency. In addition, like sleeping, learning or working follows a cycle to be efficient. The cycle goes through stages of warming up, deep thinking and it ends naturally to a certain extent and there's a time for reflection. The cycle varies for different people. We are not machines but more like plants that thrive only in an agricultural environment that recognize different species need different conditions to grow.

  • Children shouldn't have more time in school in America

    Children shouldn't have more hours of school because kids are kids. They need time to do their own stuff. They need to hang out with friends,play video games,play board games... In south Korea children go to school from 8 A.M to 10 P.M. That is ridiculous. Children would have less time to sleep. Children would also have less time to do homework.

  • That's not needed

    8 hours at school already enough to make student tired, strees and make
    they bored. And, student already get homework that's make they can't do activities because the homwork its to many! Student's already enough for study at school for just 8 hours, at last they already study at home too. So... Say no to add more hours at school

  • More hours of failed teaching methods

    1. 12-18 years 5 days a week 6-8 hours a day equals most of a human being's early life spent inside of a one size fits all streamlined institution. If that isn't crazy cult behavior and state indocrination what is???
    2. More of the same thing doesnt equal different outcomes?? Hello????
    3. From elementary, to junior, to high school, to college, to work= no life skills, no real world experience, ignorant and well paid to run company after company into the ground. Trillions put into a failed system.
    4. No self knowledge, spirituality, appreciation of the arts, just a bunch of censored bureacratic mumbo jumbo of outdated science homogenized and censored for all
    5. Parents should try to raise their own kids, instead of our failed government.
    6. When school was 2 hours a day, america was the richest country in the world, also a house was 6 grand and a new car was 2500. All of the screwup criminals at the top are products of today's government educational system.
    I don't have to finish this.

  • School doesn't teach EVERYTHING!

    Everyday, I go to school for 8 hours to have academic instruction and to learn how to have normal social interactions. It is necessary to have ample time to participate in activities that benefit your ability to succeed outside of school. There are also concerns, such as homework, extra-curricular activities, dealing with "Everyday" issues and conflicts that arise, and even jobs.

  • Completely disagree NO, NO, and NO

    The education system in America right now is flawed you can see this in students abilities when they come out of highschool and our standardized test scores in comparison to other countries. When you have something that is not good the solution is not to make more of it. You fix what is broken and if you want more of what works then you make that decisions. We should improve the quality of our education system before even talking about the length.

  • People have to be free.

    People have to be free to study what they like. In school you study this... What teachers want. In home... What you want. Education is never going to be good when you are not free to study after the own will. Free education in home is like be happy. In school, you are not free you under control of the teacher. He is your master.

    Posted by: anzo
  • Why the heck

    No children have a hard time concentrating for an hour and a half each class so I think we should just couaperate teachers and students and then we should have a better school system. Adding hours would not be a good idea. I think teachers give up on there students to easy.

  • What the hell!!!??!

    8 hours for school is barely enough for students.. WIth all the homework teachers pile and pile on, students barely have the time to complete their after school activities. Swimming, baseball, soccer etc. Plus, there already is after school tutoring for students who need that extra help. No need to punish everyone!

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-09-16T13:32:42.540
Already spend 8 hours for high school. Gives us 6 hours to have of free time. ( even less if you want a better night sleep )