Should kids have more time to complete assignments?

  • Kids need more time

    Kids need more time on there work so they can get at least b`s on there assignments. Its not fair that kids with work that are book reports or research assignments sometimes turn it in late because they cant find the awnser online. When kids don`t have enough time to finish there grade goes down and they get a bad grade in that class which leads to a bad future life.

  • I need more time

    Because i got an f because i didnt have enough time to do my work on my classroom assignment for language arts. I need way more time to do my work in class. Kids need more time for their work so they dont get f's in the grade book. Support me

  • There's plenty of time already.

    As others have already mentioned, students are given plenty of time, and often too much time, to complete assignments as it is. How they choose to manage that time is up to them. To be honest, I shouldn't be posting this right now. I'm currently working (or rather, procrastinating) on a study guide that is due in two days and I have barely started.

  • Kids should not have more time to complete assignments.

    Kids should not have more time to complete assignments. They have plenty of time, and those who say that they do not have enough time are not using their time wisely enough. Nine times out of ten, kids are given too much time to complete things, but they waste all of it.

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