• I think phones should be in schools.

    What if there was a natural disaster? Students would want to call home for help. I also think that if kids have after school activities they should be able to contact their parents through phones. Schools should not require phones and should not let phones interrupt the school day but they should still be allowed. Also students should be warned that they might lose their phone at school. A phone could also get stolen at school. These are potential dangers but I still think that some kids should have phones in school.

  • I believe that kids should be allowed to bring phones to school

    A cell phone gives your child a way to be more responsible and let you know if they’re going to be late. Cell phones are also important for teenagers, Who could find themselves at a party without a sober ride home and need to call you to pick them up.

  • Personally, I'd say yes

    I think phones should be allowed because that way, if something abrupt happens, the student can call an adult.. I am in Grade 7 right now. My teacher lets us listen to music while doing our work, which personally, I think it works, but if people are bringing it as a distraction as they are texting or on social media, then parents should be doing something and confronting their child about it. Also, if you need a calculator, there's a calculator app on your phone that you can use during math class. So yes, I think phones should be allowed in class. I know there are other teachers who don't let you use a phone in class until a certain grade, because we weren't allowed to use our phones in class until this year. Before that, it either had to be at lunch/recess or free time. Every other time, you would've had to leave it in your backpack turned off.

  • Yes they should

    Kids should have their phones at school in case of emergencies and other critical issues that cell phones and other mobile communication devices allow us to address now more than ever, which is a good and necessary part of our communication infrastructure that should be embraced, not attacked and restricted.

  • Yes; for safety

    Phones should not be allowed to be messed with classes but even then they can still use it they need to or during lunch time. Phones are important for contacting parents in case of a emergency that they need to speak with you.

    Phones are important to keep students safe but should not be allowed to play games or Facebook in class. However you can still play on phones during lunch or break as well.

  • Phones in school?!

    Hello, I'm a 15 yr old Freshman, In high school, Personally My highschool lets us have our phones, and Its great, well perfect for me. My classes let me listen to music while doing classwork, which helps me concentrate, and It lets me just think about work instead of talking to people. Well thats good right? What about Dangers? For example, last month my school had a robber come into the school with a gun, and My family was worried sick, how did they know i was safe? My phone. So yea. Keep phones in school

  • I believe that kids should be allowed to bring phones to school, but only if it doesn't get in the way of school work.

    What happens if a kid is out to lunch and needs to contact a parent. Or what if something bad happens, like a fire or earthquake. Phones are quick and easy communication devices. Only if phones don't become a distraction in class that is. Phones are very useful devices that can get an adult when needed.

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  • No, but okay for outside of the Classroom

    Students should have their phones to use on their time, but once in a classroom, the phones should be left in lockers or turned off in backpacks as the classroom is for learning, not checking out social media, youtube videos, surfing, cheating on tests, and all of that. Nuff said.

    Posted by: KBP
  • Conditionally but no

    Students should have phones but they should be turned off and in their bag when not needed. If they have them in class they may disturb people around them and not pay attention. Students don't even need smart phones, they should never use them and if they walk home they can ask someone to use their phone or they can just take the bus. If there is a natural disaster their parents should know, and if not the school will contact them.

  • I have nothing against phones but rather am against how people become slaves to it.

    Phones these days engross people so much that they get lost in it and forget to be in the now. School is especially not the place that should happen. School is where a person learns, a person makes meaningful relations. The risk of stunting that mental and social growth just cant be afforded. Again, I have nothing against technology, I rather am pro it. I think changes are important and is essential to prevent the stagnancy. But I feel this step cant be taken unless people start to master the device rather than letting it control them.

  • Little kids like elementary school kids should not.

    I believe that kids in elementary school are too irresponsible and would not pay attention in class if they had phones in school; but middle school and people in high school are more responsible and that's why they have phones with them. Besides why would a little kid need to take a phone to school anyways to talk to people after school? They are at school they can talk to the friends they have there.

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