• Kids should have cars

    If kids had cars it could help stop child abduction because kids would not be as easy to get if they are in a car and not on the streets. It could also help if you are busy parents. If your kid has a car you would not need to do a school run everyday so you can do your own thing

  • Yes kids should drive real cars

    Because its fun!And really relaxing plus no parent has to pay for their gas.Also a great oportunidy for them to explore the world and travel where they want to .And you want your kids to be happy so, make them happy by getting them a car.So i think that , yes!

  • Yes kids should have cars

    I think kids should have cars though a smaller and slower and safer though kids should have cars because what if nobody is home the kid needs to go to his friend house so he can get his spelling if he forgot them i wish kids could have cars because every day my friends kids cry because they want to drive cars so badly

  • No kids don't need cars

    Kids need stay healthy and cars are not going to keep
    you healthy. If they want to go some were then ride a bike for transportation or just walk. You know they didn't always have cars
    back then just do a work out when your going some were. The end.

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