• A social place

    School is not just for learning facts. It’s for learning to be social and how to develop as a person. Without school you wouldn’t only be dumber and lazier, you would have less friends and you wouldn’t have developed as much as a person. School is perfectly fine being compulsory, as without it we would be useless.

  • Reform, but don't scrap

    Schooling, at least in early life, is necessary. Literacy and basic math is needed for most of modern society, and depriving kids of that would severely hurt their career prospects.
    In high school, however, I believe that we need a complete overhaul of the current system. Instead of forcing everyone to do things that they will almost certainly not need in later life, we should have a few general 'life skills' courses(driver's ed, money management, cooking, etc.), and integrate apprenticeships into schooling, as at the age of 15 a lot of children have a sense of what area they want to go into.

  • School is second home for a child .

    Yes children shouldgo to school as they get an atmosphere to study best teacher faculty and whatever needed . Going to school makes the child independent, punctual and everything needed in a child . A child may not understand the importance of school but will surely understand when he or she grows up . U may tell me that home examination r also their and a child can get best tutors as home . Maybe it is possible also . But the child who is studying at home his or her personality is 0 , interaction with others is 0 . So I strongly believe that a child should go to school.

  • I am sceptical about schools

    This may sound strange coming from someone who left school long ago, but i have become increasingly sceptical about whether school is reallythe best place for children. Now learning and an education are essential in my view. All kids need to learn the basics and be given an oportunity to learn what they are interessted in. But is school really the best place for this? First, it is artificial. They are always learning with peopleof the same age: this is kina unnatural and they dont get the learing experience from others as well due to the limited "age pool". Perhaps the biggest problem is that in school you are forced to learn what youdont want to learn! In my opinion, this may be impossible. It is this that is mostly the root of problems in schools. A better system would be where they specialise much earlier and perhaps have the opportunity to change their mind later if they made a mistake? Also schools are drachonian. Yes there must be rules but half are unnecessary and are there in the name of "safeguarding". Unlike real safeguarding (which is essential) it too often becomes a fear of being sued or social services turning up when there is nothing wrong. Perhaps a way could be found to make rules much fairer. Until all this changes i dont really think school works. Now it works for some but not for others. A more fleixible system is needed.

  • School should be optional, not obligatory and only at the later parts of our lives

    School is, for the most part, a waste of time than anything else. It teaches children barely anything practical and instead almost all is academically focused. My main argument against school is that children will use very little of what they were taught in school when they grow up and get jobs. Supermarket employees, cleaners, security personnel e.C.T are all jobs that require no or extremely minimal amount of education to carry out effectively as it's all a matter of watch someone do it and repeat, but there are millions of people doing these jobs who have been forced to indulge in thousands of hours of school, just imagine how much more they could've accomplished without that weighing them down. Now I understand that there are many jobs that require lots of learning to do, and I believe that specialised training centres should be created which teach people how to do just ONE thing effectively. These should contain a few people at most (per class) but would be extremely effective at teaching kids one job, such as being mechanics, carpenters, scientists e.C.T. These courses would also be of varying lengths depending on how demanding the job is, but should generally not take longer than 6 months and be 3-4 days a week at least 3 hours a day. But this type of learning would be very efficient as people would have to take in a lot less information (since they are training for just one job) and there would be smaller classes meaning learning would happen faster and in a easier controlled environment . Additionally, these will be open to ONLY 16 year olds and above but can be taken whenever someone feels like getting a job and people can take new courses of they are unsatisfied with their current jobs, these centres would also be ran by teachers, similar to the ones we have now. Obviously, children should know basic literally skills such as writing so I believe basic skills should be encouraged at home from an early age, but nothing is obligatory. Now, you may argue that no one would want to do the more tricky and longer courses that I suggest as no one would be bothered, and to this I would disagree as it promotes a healthy competition between people and there are many people interested in many different things. The longer courses would also lead to better paying jobs so that would be an insentiviser too. Ultimately, I believe his system might struggle to fit in for the first few years but would eventually balance itself out and create a more happy general public in which everyone enjoys their job and are not forced to spend endless hours in compulsory education.

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