• Should have uniforms

    We normally stay home late for school choosing what to wear or if every thing is in the dirty laundry and it will also prevent curb side bulling because our hair (girls) normally has to be in a pony tail or at least brushed and neat and boys should have their hair above their shoulders . And for your skin colour ... Just be proud of who you are.

  • Compulsory school uniform

    Students that wear school uniform has helped allot in making the school more appealing to go to, and it makes the school look higher quality. Normally on a school night, especially teen girls, they might struggle a bit with picking out their next outfit for the next day if their school didn't wear school uniform, they can stress out, and wouldn't want to go to school, also it helps with the parents with the laundry because if you wear uniform, their is not allot to wash, but there are some people out there wears a new outfit everyday. It also helps with bullying, now every school would have this girl who would come up to you and might say your outfit is ugly, now for you parents out there, you probably wouldn't want someone talking to your child like that, but if everyone is wearing the same thing, what is there to bully about.

  • Does not stop bullying

    I come from an area where school uniforms are becoming more abundant in the town. I believe about half the schools have some sort of uniform. Sure every kid looks similar and in theory its great. However most everyone can tell the difference between goodwill, walmart, target, and Dillard's brand items.

  • Doesn't do a thing

    I come from an area where the uniform policy is starting to become more rampant across town. I believe half of the schools have a strict uniform policy. This states the shirt must be a certain color and the pants must be a certain color. However you can definitely tell the difference between a kid whom is receiving their clothes from goodwill/walmart and the kids who have the uniforms from Dillards. It doesn't cut down on bullying one bit.

  • It's a limit on your freedom of expression

    School uniforms are not only a suppression of expression, but it also puts the students in a subservient position where they aren't allowed to do this or that. It's not going to stop bullying, bullying isn't about the clothes that someone else wears, it's about how a bully has their own problems, and they're going to find ways to vent it, so the problem isn't clothes, and forcing people to wear certain clothes is intrusive and we have no right to force clothing on people like it's 1984.

  • No uniforms please

    Kids wearing school uniforms will lose their sense of creativity and will become less inventive/ creative. Also, most/ all uniforms are drab- colored and/ or uncomfortable or ugly. People say that wearing uniforms will stop bullying, but it won't stop. People get bullied for their hair, skin, or body, not only their clothes.

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