• Yes they should

    I think that kids should have the choice of there decisions of either having sex at a young age or not ok and yes I think that we should allow kids to choose weather or not they want to have sex at a young age ok ok ok bye bye

  • They should be virgins the whole life.

    Several points.

    1. Overpopulation. Thanks to the society for giving too much babies birth, Our graceful earth park is now a crowded marketplace. Now chinese and indians have no place to drive their cars on street. Adults having sex is already excessive, And if children adds up to that the earth is going to be a human-filled bomb. More babies=more people to feed, And more people to feed=more budget taken=less money to the rest of the budget. Learn from Bangladesh, They've crowded themselves this way. Less money left=the country become poorer=the country collapse. If the entire country practices early-sex then the earth will be a crowded poor place. No one trusts anyone. Abstinence will help by reducing the world population by a near-flat rate, Making the world a metropolis by the time, And not a marketplace selling illegal stuff.

    2. HIV and STD (STI). Self-explanatory. It is vulnerable to children.

    3. A monk has better manners than a prostitute. That explains everything. Monks are banished sexual activities in the life, And prostitutes are making money doing sex everyday, Even at streets or strip clubs. Well you have to agree choosing a scholar is better than choosing a professional sex practitioner, Consider the fact of a scholar studies more than a prostitute. You see virgins getting As and non-virgins getting d+s on the school report cards. And yes raping counts. Rape is bad for both people in moral purposes.

  • Kids Aren't Attractive

    If you can find anyone who hasn't gone through puberty (under 16) attractive you have a mental issue. There is nothing attractive about a literal child. They have no secondary sex characteristics, Ability to have sex or attractive characteristics. They can be 'cute' to some at most. 3D kids are ugly 2D is life

  • No. We children are not capable of making responsible decisions on a daily basis, And we often make many mistakes.

    If this freedom is given to us, It could ruin many lives early on. The current support systems we have in schools and by the government such as counselling are just insufficient and will be unable to deal with the massive influx of students who may seek help. Subsequently, It will raise the amount of tax needed to be paid by an already pressure economically active sector in MEDCs (more economically developed countries).

    Not to mention the issue of children under 18 becoming pregnant which could lead to abortions that could kill children. Lives that could have been preserved if only they the correct amount of control was exerted upon them. Babies will also be born and more of them will be tossed to the roadside as families can barely cope with one child, Let alone a second.

    Sex education classes alone are also not enough to prevent births from happening if children were allowed to have sex at an earlier age. STDs could also easily spread from lack of knowledge in this field which could very easily cause a national health crisis or even on a global scale. There are undoubtedly trustworthy peers of mine who can make correct decisions but that does not equate to all children are just as dependable.

  • They are children

    We have the age of consent for a f***ing reason you disgusting pedophiles what the fuck are you even thinking this could be ok. Children have no idea what they are doing the residual trauma from one underage sexual experience alone can leave a child scarred for life and completely unable to function as a normal member of society

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