• Yes, they should.

    So that they would be able to send images of the answers of their quizzes, I mean, search for the terms on the net if they find it difficult to comprehend. Education should be extensive and boundless, not to be fitted in walls of the classroom. Hence, smartphones should be allowed.

  • While it may be useful, it will be hard to manage.

    Smartphones can have very practical applications in the classroom. They function as calculators, research tools, note pads, etc. In this way and more, they can prove to be very beneficial to students. However, there are also many games, websites, and social media apps available as well. It will be hard to keep students from using these apps. Teachers would have a difficult time making sure students are on task.

  • Kids should have not have smartphones in classrooms.

    Unless used for educational purposes, smartphones should not be allowed in class. This should not prohibit basic ownership of a cellular phone, of which could prove beneficial in the event immediate contact needs to be established. However, it the responsibility of educational administration in ensuring that the presence of smartphones with students will not become a distraction.

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