• I think it should

    Because you can make more friends on social media and shy girls and boys then will more likely to talk to more people maybe in their class or school. Also students will learn commuication skills from social media and it could boost self esttems and other things like that. Yeah!

  • Yes they should

    I think that we should allow kids to have social media because social media is a good way to find new friends ok and yes I think that we should have the kids have to have social media for them to find and go out to explore social media for them

  • Common sense people!

    Having social media can really benefit kids, Sure it exposes them to a lot more them not having social media does exposure can be good. And as long as you teach your kids common sense and responsibility social media can be safe. People worry about there kids and the obsession over likes and followers but children realize pretty fast that, Just because your on social media doesn't mean your instantly recognized and adored, It takes time and advertising. So be smart kids and don't do drugs!

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  • Social media rules

    Kids could need to get something to a friend and they don’t have the persons number u go on social media and tell them plus even virtual friends can help u through rough times like a death of a family member or like a divorce they help and it’s really nice

  • I think kids should be allowed to have social media

    I am writing an argument essay in school and my topic is if kids should be allowed to have social medias. I say yes. Kids can get lots of information from social media like news and things they should know. They can also get research for school projects like me. It is also good entertainment so kids ca interact with friends and maybe make new ones if they are careful.

  • Kid's should have social media.

    As one might say social media is dangerous, Yes it is but with technology better than ever new features like the feature where parents can watch what their kids are doing gives access to parents.
    Social media is a vast place where people can voice their opinion and be them! Most pop singers and athletes started their career off of social media. Social media is like a lesson from which you can learn many new things.

  • Yes we should!

    Opening Social media is good for many things! Some people say it is a dangerous. But we say there are thousands of great and useful skills. We can learn which make the world a and humas a better place! Here are just a few that can be good. For finding old friends or learning, For example if i want to learn how to speak another language i just search it up, Children learn fast so if they don't learn it in their age then it's gonna be difficult, So to summon up social media is good.

  • Yes they should

    Social media allows you to talk to friends, Watch sports highlights, See what new sneakers are coming out, Look at funny videos, Post videos and pictures of themselves and their life, And be able to look at their hobbies. Plus, If someone is calling them stuff they can just block them or put their account to private. If you think otherwise your big gay.

  • Kids should have social media to keep up with there life and the internet.

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  • Bad stuff on there

    Most things on the internet are not censored or approved for kids younger than 18. And they´ll get into things that seem inaproppiate. Either way, bad people will find their account and could locate them. The internet is no place for an adolescent younger than 13, Therefore, the internet is not all that safe and kid-friendly

  • Social media is becoming a Global Problem

    Chamath Palihapitiya, a former Facebook executive, says that Facebook is “Ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.” He said it was not just about the Russian adds in the election, but that Facebook is becoming “A global problem.” He hardly ever uses Facebook and only posts about two times every seven years. Palihapitiya will not even let his kids use Facebook or any other social media, which leads to the question, should adolescents be able to use Social media apps like Facebook. I say no.

  • Kids should not have social media.

    I think 6th graders should not use social media. Over the years, The time someone spends on social media is slowly increasing. Social media could build an addiction, Harmful for their school grades. Worse, Even for their health, Like mental health. Many had tried to avoid it, But many users had stated it is challenging. It is also proven that users compare themselves to others. The image they are comparing to might even be fake. People nowadays are editing pictures to change their own image. Another negative effect is that people’s feeling or mood of depression has a high chance of increasing. It is also known that cyberbullying could be a problem. It usually cannot be stopped unless a user reports it. A positive benefit from social media could also have a negative effect. For example, Many people say that social media is a great way for people to connect and build friendships. But this benefit could also create a negative impact like people reducing to see each other in person. Consequently, 6th graders should not use social media yet and have more face to face interactions.

  • What about Identity theft?

    Identity theft is more possible to kids because won't use a credit card till their older increasing their risk! Kids will not know their Identity has been stolen till it is to late! And if they have a e-mail someone can send a link to an dangerous website where they can get your information.

  • Why do they need it?

    Of course children should have fun and be able to share funny posts with their friends...But most parents don't realize how much inappropriate content is on the Internet. Most social media has age restriction of how old they should be in order to have the app, but the majority of parents and children ignore it. Not to mention how distracting it can be. I know i will check Instagram to see what my friend sent me, then I'll get distracted and be on it for hours. A bit exagerated, yes, but social media is dangerous as well. I can't tell you how many perverts have direct messaged me on Twitter and Instagram. It's even scarier to think of the 10-13 year olds who are inclined to reply. Social medial should have restrictions. Some of the "yes" arguments are how children should "know what's going on in the world". What if their parents don't want their child to know everything? The parent should be the one to tell their kid what's going on in this world.

  • COPPA exists for a reason

    Heck no! There is so many inappropriate things on social media that can scar children! Even I have seen disgusting things that I didn't want to see on total accident. It's atrocious. Plus on all social media you must be over 13 to have an account anyway, it's the law. (COPPA) I'm 13 and I waited, it's not very hard. Kids need to be patient and wait until they turn 13, you may not like it but it's the cold hard TRUTH. That's why I report all children under 13 on Instagram I can find. Kids shouldn't waster their childhoods on social media. It's sad that 53% of people who voted said yes. What terrible times we live in. :(

  • Just my opion

    No no no No kids should not have social media as it can result in cyber bullying and most kids don't know how to deal with it in the right way. It can also lead to personal information being leaked, etc. There are a lot of predators online who can find out their location in one click

  • No no no

    No kids should not have social media as it can result in cyber bullying and most kids don't know how to deal with it in the right way. It can also lead to personal information being leaked, etc. There are a lot of predators online who can find out their location in one click

  • Live your life

    Kids should not have social media as a teenager. They are still growing, and they don't know any better. This generation kids are pretty harsh, so kids will be vulnerable to cyber-bullying. Kids should live out their lives, and actually focus on their education, so they could live a happy, fun life later.

  • Kids should not have social media

    Kids should never use social media because if how dangerous it is. Kids get bullied on social media everyday, and they get made fun of. They think it is a popularity contest. There are kids that will and might consider suicide. That is way kids should not use social media.

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