• Not that they should, its that they should be able to

    Kids should be able to have a social media account for educational purposes. For example, a teacher could have a social media, to help students with their work. Another example is, students could ask their peers for help on homework.

    Kids should also be able to sign up for social media accounts for communication purposes. Such as, if a student has trouble making conversation and is more confident online, they can talk to someone in their school over the internet, before talking to them in real life. Or, students can talk to a close friend over social media, of course.

    Lastly, there are ways to make social media a safe place for students. For instance, on specific social media, there are ways to make accounts private. An example is instagram, students can make it so people have to ‘request’ to follow you, so they would see your pictures. Another way to make social media safe is for parents to follow their son or daughter. The last and final way to make social media sites safe for children is to hide personal information. To explain, children not showing their face, not revealing their parents credit card information, hiding their phone number, and not sharing their address is a great way to keep social media safe.

    Parents may go against this opinion by saying “Oh, but children get kidnapped and murdered by being on these social media sites!” To that I say, first, read the last paragraph of this editorial and second, parents need to monitor their children more. Kidnappers won’t nap a kid if a parent is by their side.

    In conclusion, children should be able to use social media accounts. For educational purposes, to talk to school friends, and you can find ways to make it safe.

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  • Yes kids should have a social media

    The fact we have school fro 7-8 hours of out day, we come home study do homework then chores and our personal health care / health with as much time we use just with those things doesn't leave us with a lot of time to even get on social media that often so we do not abuse social network with time.
    A lot of my family lives out of the country so this is a inexpensive way to communicate with my family members. Imagine how expensive and hard it would be without social media and also social media is basically on any device with a touch screen so even a tablet, ipod can connect with social media you don't have to have a phone. Its okay if you don't agree with me

  • Kid should be able to be on social media at school and at home.

    If kids live in springfield and the best friend is moving to New York And one of them has social media and the other friend dose not how will they talk to each other. I had that experience when my friend moved to sullivan and I could not see her.

  • Kids should have it

    Tyey shoul have it so they can see what's going on in the outside world, so hey can talk with their friends, so they can discover new friends and relationships, so they can talk to their friends if they're moving away, and so they can plain follow the people they like and love

  • Kids should have social media

    Kids like to stay in touch and cannot do that if their creativity is restricted. Depending on their age, kids should get certain freedoms and responsibilities that allow them to become young adults. My parents have yet to let me get any social media and I am one of the last people in my grade who don't

  • Yes They Sould

    Kids using social media can be a very good way to interact with friends and i can not say that i agree with some kids going on social media but there are some times that i think it should be ok it really does depend on how much the kid is trusted or what they are doing.

  • They should let kids be on social media

    I think kids should be on social media because it helps make online friends. We I think it helps them get online friends is because when the chat with someone, they get to know each other, which is why they become friends. I think you get my point. Bye Bye!

  • See what is happning in the world

    So kids can see what is happning in life and it is not a big secret and gives kids who has no freinds a chance to make some friends and not be left out. And some kids just need a break when they work hard and it is like saying that after you do something good, you get nothing.

  • Yes totes should have

    Should have i have i am about to go to 6th grade and i safe with my social media it helps kids have fun and lets them see what see what their friends are doing #lol #go to have social media # love it and it helps learns something somtimes

  • I think no

    I think that it could be dangerous for kids to have social media under the age of 20! I know that it sounds crazy, But younger kids could get themselves in trouble, And older kids might use their social media privileges in the wrong ways. That can then be very dangerous.

  • Minors under at least age 13 should not be lurking around social media

    The accumulation of 9 year olds on TikTok, Instagram, And other social media sites is beyond our reach. The most we can do is report them for being underage. However, They should be stopped. Anyone younger than 13 has not reached expected maturity. Evidence of this is the Yes side of the argument. The internet is also a dangerous place, Where you can look up countless gory videos, Illegal footage of crimes like murder, And pornography (which can spiral down into an addiction). Most kids younger than 13 are ignorant to these evils that are out on this unregulated internet. I believe that the Internet shouldn't be heavily regulated but I do acknowledge that there is some scary stuff out there, Hence me taking this side. I am also an example of why we shouldn't allow kids onto social media under 13. The Internet has pretty much shifted my outlook on life since an early age.

  • There to young

    There is cyberbully and stuff happens on social media everything you post if saved some where and they may steal data like youtube did and I think That kids under 13 are to young to have social media They shouldn't even have a phone under 13. Thats my reasons why I say no!

  • Kids should not have social media for these reasons

    Marketers can secretly spy or observe your child on social media. Also girls have experienced a 50% rise in depressive symptoms. Finally, 7. 5 million Facebook users in the U. S. Are under 13, And half of those are under 10! This is why kids should not have social media. Thank you.

  • No children shouldn't have social media

    Because children under 13 are extremely naive making them vulnerable to online predators and scammers, This means children can accidentally reveal personal information to the online predator. Social media is also and addictive platform that has been specifically designed to attract audiences, Therefore an underdeveloped brain (children's brain ) will have trouble controlling the amount of time spent. This will limit their face to face interaction which can lead to other problems such as being socially awkward. Social media also causes anxiety, Depression and body image issues.

  • Kids should not have social media

    Kids are smart to create a social media account they lie most popular sites are 13+ so kids say their age is 13 or older. They could get cyber bullied and get scammed. They could also be a target by online predators. That is why I think kids under 13 should not have social media.

  • Kids Should Not Have Social Media!

    I am in fact a kid and I am 11 years old and personally I do not think that kids under 15 should have social media because people will put inapropriate and sexual comments on it and even some games it is also bad for health. Last thing people can find out where you live and your birthdate. So I do not think kids under 15 should have social media.

  • Kids at are not smart enough

    Kids under 13 are not smart enough to have social media, For God's sake they can't even spell and they have bad grammar. Teach your kids how to spell then teach them grammar skills before they get on social media, Because let's face it kids are just dumb I'm sorry if that's to hard to handle, But that's the truth.

  • don't do it

    If you want to be on scool media then you can but be warend that you are going to be kidnapped. U will never see your parents or firends agin they will track you though soial media and take you ddddont dddooo iiiitttt i am warning you right now bye hve a great day. . . . . . . . .

  • Kids get messages

    Somteimes kids get asked their age and adults say they r their age to thats so wrong nobody should be allowed on the social media because tthey might or could get tracked and could be kidnapped and killed. KIds change how they look and start to act older and thats bad because they could kid photos of bad stuff.

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